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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
76871 Reis H.T., Sprecher S. Encyclopedia of Human Relationships. Volume 3 2009ХХ
83305 Reis J.C. Environmental Control in Petroleum Engineering 1996ХХ
21796 Reis J.C. Environmental Control in Petroleum Engineering 2007ХХ
20994 Reis R., Jess J.A.G. Design of System on a Chip: Devices & Components 2004ХХ
56801 Reis R., Osserian A., Pfleidere H.-J. VLSI-Soc from Systems to Silicon 2007ХХ
50139 Reis R. (ed.), Lubaszewski M. (ed.), Jess J.A.G. (ed.) Design of Systems on a Chip: Design and Test 2006 ХХХ
23976 Reis R. (ed.) Information Technology: Selected Tutorials 2004ХХ
21410 Reischl U., Kochanowski B. Quantitative PCR Protocols 1999ХХ
21276 Reischl U. Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases 1997ХХ
130671 Reischuk R., Morvan M. STACS 97, Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science 14 conf 1997 ХХХ
22718 Reisdorph K., Henderson K. Sams Teach Yourself Borland C++ Builder in 21 Days 1997ХХ
27713 Reisdorph K. Sams Teach Yourself Borland Delphi 4 in 21 Days 1998 ХХХ
4610 Reise S.P., Duan N. Multilevel modeling: methodological advances, issues, and applications 2002ХХ
115435 Reiser A. Albert Einstein: A biographical portrait 1931ХХ
182176 Reiser M., Wirth N. Programming in Oberon: Steps Beyond Pascal and Modula 1992ХХ
156049 Reiser M. Theory and Design of Charged Particle Beams, Second Edition (Wiley Series in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology) 2008 ХХХ
53543 Reisig W. ј Primer in Petri Net Design 1992ХХ
53527 Reisig W., Rozenberg G. Petri Nets 1985ХХ
53544 Reisig W. (ed.), Rozenberg G. (ed.) Lectures on Petri Nets II: Applications 1998ХХ
54213 Reisig W. (ed.), Rozenberg G. (ed.) Lectures on Petri Nets I: Basic Models 1998ХХ
23262 Reisman B., Ruebush M. MCSE: Windows Server 2003 Network Security Design Study Guide (Exam 70-298) 2004ХХ
5069 Reisman G. Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics 1996ХХ
135048 Reisner D.E. Bionanotechnology: Global Prospects 2008ХХ
145714 Reisner D.E. (ed.) Bionanotechnology: Global Prospects 2009ХХ
19550 Reisner T. Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Office Excel 2003 in 24 Hours 2003ХХ
152492 Reiss G. Project Management Demystified: Today's Tools and Techniques 1995 ХХХ
97137 Reiss H., Huang C. Statistical thermodynamic formalism in the solution of information theory problems 1971ХХ
96350 Reiss H. Prospectus. JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL PHYSICS(3 1970) 1970ХХ
100085 Reiss H. Introduction (from journal of statistical physics vol. 1 є 1 1969) 1969ХХ
122211 Reiss H., Audrey Dell Hammerich A.D., Montroll E.W. Thermodynamic Treatment of Nonphysical Systems: Formalism and an Example (Single-Lane Traffic) 1986ХХ
125444 Reiss H., Reiss G.R. Examination of Bounds on the Chemical Potential, Using a One-Dimensional System 1982ХХ
119544 Reiss H. "Magic Relation" Between the Structures of Coexisting Phases at a First-Order Phase Transition in a Hard Sphere System 2000ХХ
180448 Reiss T. Recognizing planar objects using invariant image features 1993ХХ
33981 Reissig M. (Ed), Schulze B.W. (Ed) New Trends in the Theory of Hyperbolic Equations: Advances in Partial Differential Equations 2005ХХ
54382 Reissner H. Theory of Propellers 1942ХХ
53766 Reist P.C. Aerosol Science and Technology 1993 ХХХ
166907 Reisz K. Technique of Film Editing, Reissue of 2nd Edition 2009 ХХХ
180297 Reitano R. Introduction to Quantitative Finance: A Math Tool Kit 2010ХХ
49785 Reiter G. (ed.), Strobl G.R. (ed.) Progress in Understanding of Polymer Crystallization 2007ХХ
55043 Reiter H., Stegeman J.D. Classical Harmonic Analysis and Locally Compact groups 2000ХХ
179864 Reiter H. Metaplectic Groups and Segal Algebras 1989ХХ
151152 Reiter H., Stegeman J. Classical harmonic analysis and locally compact groups 2001 ХХХ
127873 Reiter H. Lecture Notes in Mathematics (231). L1-Algebras and Segal Algebras 1971ХХ
37453 Reiter H. Metaplectic Groups And Segal Algebras 1989ХХ
37452 Reiter H. L1-Algebras And Segal Algebras 1971ХХ
133594 Reiter H.B. The contest problem book VII: American mathematics competitions 2006ХХ
31837 Reiter R. Knowledge in Action: Logical Foundations for Specifying and Implementing Dynamical Systems 2001ХХ
126055 Reiterer P., Reitshammer C., Schurrer F. New Discrete Model Boltzmann Equations for Arbitrary Partitions of the Velocity Space 2000ХХ
191078 Reith A. Protein Kinase Protocols 2001ХХ
190899 Reith A. Protein Kinase Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 124) 2000ХХ

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