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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
74687 Osgood W.F. Introduction To Infinite Series 1897ХХ
130497 Oshana R. DSP Software Development Techniques for Embedded and Real-Time Systems 2006ХХ
125343 Oshanin G., Mogutov A., Moreau M. Steady Flux in a Continuous-Space Sinai Chain 1993ХХ
123683 Oshanin G.S., Burlatsky S.F. Reaction Kinetics in Polymer Systems 1991ХХ
3009 Osher S.J., Fedkiw R.P. Level Sets and Dynamic Implicit Surfaces 2002ХХ
16654 Osheroff N., Bjornsti M.A. DNA Topoisomerase Protocols. Volume I 1999ХХ
16655 Osheroff N., Bjornsti M.A. DNA Topoisomerase Protocols. Volume II 2000ХХ
209785 Osho Em busca do eu interior 2019ХХ
210412 Osho Osho: O livro dos homens: Como usar a "crise da masculinidade" como uma oportunidade para a autodescoberta 2014ХХ
187249 Oshri I., Kotlarsky J., Willcocks L. Advances in Global Sourcing. Models, Governance, and Relationships: 7th Global Sourcing Workshop 2013, Val dТIs?re, France, March 11-14, 2013, Revised Selected Papers 2013ХХ
130356 Oshri I., Kotlarsky J., Willcocks L. Outsourcing Global Services: Knowledge, Innovation and Social Capital (Technology, Work and Globalization) 2008ХХ
25558 Osiander R., Champion J., Darrin G. Micro Electro Mech Sys and Microstructures in Aerospace Applications 2005ХХ
167139 Osiewacz H.D. Molecular Biology of Fungal Development (Mycology, 15) 2002ХХ
142575 Osif B. Using the Engineering Literature (Routledge Studies in Library and Information Science) 2006ХХ
108383 Osinga H. Nonlinear dynamics and chaos 2004ХХ
79464 Osinski A., Niecko M. MiG-29 2009ХХ
26943 Osipa J. Stop Staring 2007ХХ
75206 Osipenko G. Dynamical Systems Graphs and Algorithms 2006 ХХХ
166252 Osipenko G. Dynamical Systems, Graphs, and Algorithms (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) 2007ХХ
192515 Osipenko G. Dynamical Systems, Graphs, and Algorithms (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) 2007ХХ
181229 Osipov E., Kassler A., Bohnert T. Wired Wireless Internet Communications: 8th International Conference, WWIC 2010, Lulea, Sweden, June 1-3, 2010. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer ... Networks and Telecommunications) 2010ХХ
21872 Osipov V., Sweeney M., Weaver W. Cisco Security Specialist's Guide to PIX Firewalls 2002ХХ
26993 Oskamp S., Schultz P.W. Attitudes and opinions 2004 ХХХ
209330 Oskar Krejčí LIDSKÁ PRÁVA 2011ХХ
16176 Osler C., Kevin Chang P.H. Head and shoulders: not just a flaky pattern 1995ХХ
170641 Osman O., Robinson E. Seismic Source Signature Estimation And Measurement (Geophysics reprint series No. 18) 1991ХХ
145630 Osman O., Ucan O.N. Contemporary Coding Techniques and Applications for Mobile Communications 2009ХХ
89033 Osmar R. Zaiane, Simeon Simoff, Chabane Djeraba Mining Multimedia and Complex Data, KDD Workshop MDM-KDD 2002, PAKDD Workshop KDMCD 2002 2003ХХ
50432 Osmonics Pure Water Handbook 1991ХХ
32749 Osofsky B.L. Homological Dimensions of Modules 1973ХХ
179661 Oss C. The Properties of Water and their Role in Colloidal and Biological Systems, Volume 16 (Interface Science and Technology) 2008ХХ
119556 Ossendrijver A.J.H., Santos A., Ernst M.H. Lattice Gases with Static Disorder: Renormalization of Mean Field Theory 1993ХХ
32814 Osserman R. (ed.) Geometry V. Minimal Surfaces 1997ХХ
178232 Ossi P. Disordered Materials 2006 ХХХ
151777 Ossi P. Disordered Materials: An Introduction 2006 ХХХ
155253 Ossicini S., Pavesi L., Priolo F. Lie Grs, Physics and Geometry - An Introduction for Physicists, Engineers and Chemists 2008ХХ
158699 Ossicini S., Pavesi L., Priolo F. Light Emitting Silicon for Microphotonics, Springer Tracts in Modern Physics Volume 194 2003ХХ
150585 Ossipow V., Fischer N. Monoclonal Antibodies Methods And Protocols 2014 ХХХ
185778 Osso R. Handbook of Emerging Communications Technologies The next decade 1999ХХ
175504 Osso R. Handbook of emerging communications technologies: the next decade 2000ХХ
82504 Osso R. Handbook of emerging communications technologies: the next decade 2000ХХ
190277 Ossowski S. Co-ordination in Artificial Agent Societies: Social Structures and Its Implications for Autonomous Problem-Solving Agents 1999ХХ
51322 Osswald T.A., Hernández-Ortiz J.P. Polymer Processing - Modeling and Simulation 2006 ХХХ
184514 Osten W., Reingand N. Optical Imaging and Metrology: Advanced Technologies 2012ХХ
194874 Osten W. Optical Imaging Sensors and Systems for Homeland Security Applications 2005ХХ
42973 Osterberg H. An interferometer method of observing the vibrations of an oscillating quartz plate 1929ХХ
43074 Ostergard P.R. A 2-(22, 8, 4) Design Cannot Have a 2-(10, 4, 4) Subdesign 2002ХХ
51420 Osterloh F.E. Inorganic Materialsas Catalysts for Photochemical Splitting of Water 2008ХХ
135161 Osterman A., Gerdes S. Microbial Gene Essentiality 2010ХХ
159054 Osterwalder K. Mathematical Problems in Theoretical Physics (Proc. Lausanne) 1980 ХХХ

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