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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
74277 Rubinstein I. Electro-diffusion of ions 1987ХХ
122580 Rubinstein J. On the Macroscopic Description of Slow Viscous Flow Past a Random Array of Spheres 1986ХХ
41642 Rubinstein J.H., Wang S. Pi1-injective surfaces in graph manifolds 1998ХХ
17029 Rubinstein M. Rubinstein on Derivatives 2000ХХ
51002 Rubinstein M., Colby R.H. Polymer Physics 2003ХХ
148223 Rubinstein M., Colby R. Polymer Physics (Chemistry) 2003ХХ
177249 Rubinstein M., Colby R. Polymer physics 2003ХХ
140120 Rubinstein M., Colby R.H. Correction to the first (2003) printing of the textbook УPolymer PhysicsФ, corrected in 2004-2006 printings 2004ХХ
129388 Rubinstein M., Colby R. Polymer physics 2003ХХ
32897 Rubinstein R.Y., Kroese D.P. Simulation and the Monte Carlo Method 2007ХХ
174798 Rubio R. Mind/Body Techniques for Asperger's Syndrome: The Way of the Pathfinder 2008ХХ
52179 Rubio S., Perez-Bendito D. Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 32 1999ХХ
84330 Ruckenstein E., Shulgin I.L. Thermodynamics of solutions: from gases to pharmaceutics to proteins 2009ХХ
117363 Rucker R. Mind Tools. The Five Levels of Mathematical Reality 1987ХХ
17838 Rucker R. Software Engineering and Computer Games: Learn Software Engineering by Computer Game Design with Windows MFC and OpenGL 2002ХХ
122421 Rucklidge A., Zaleski S. A Microcanonical Model for Interface Formation 1988ХХ
144333 Rucklidge W. Efficient Visual Recognition Using the Hausdorff Distance 1996ХХ
13093 Rud O.P. Data Mining Cookbook 2001ХХ
5228 Rudakov A.N. Helices and vector bundles: seminaire Rudakov 1990ХХ
184774 Rudakov T., Apih T., Rameev B. Magnetic Resonance Detection of Explosives and Illicit Materials 2014ХХ
16169 Rudd B. Stock Patterns for Day Trading and Swing Trading 2000ХХ
97146 Rudd W.G., Frisch H.L., Brickman L. Inversion of the classical second virial coefficient 1972ХХ
16934 Ruddle N., Ware C.F. Lymphotoxin β Receptor n/aХХ
16911 Ruddle N., Ware C.F. Lymphotoxin α and β n/aХХ
145111 Ruddon R.W. Cancer Biology 2007 ХХХ
113690 Ruddy D.W. A Christological Approach to Virtue: Augustine and Humility 2001ХХ
181196 Rude U. Mathematical and Computational Techniques for Multilevel Adaptive Methods (Frontiers in Applied Mathematics) 1993ХХ
42929 Rudenskaya O.G. 3-Quasiperiodic functions on graphs and hypergraphs 2000ХХ
42381 Rudenskaya O.G. 4-Quasiperiodic Functions on Graphs and Hypergraphs 2001ХХ
5043 Ruder H., Ruder M. Die spezielle Relativitaetstheorie 1993ХХ
11440 Rudiger G., Hollerbach R. The Magnetic Universe: Geophysical and Astrophysical Dynamo Theory 2004ХХ
152186 Rudiger Seydel Practical bifurcation and stability analysis 2009 ХХХ
127091 Rudin W. New constructions of functions holomorphic in the unit ball of Cn 1985ХХ
1730 Rudin W. Real and Complex Analysis 1970ХХ
175367 Rudin W. Function theory in polydiscs 1969ХХ
173488 Rudin W. Function Theory in the Unit Ball of Cn: Reprint of the 1st Ed Berlin Heidelberg New York 1980 2008 ХХХ
184906 Rudin W. Function theory in the unit ball of Cn 2008ХХ
137267 Rudin W. Principles of Mathematical Analysis 1976 ХХХ
162339 Rudin W. New Constructions of Functions Holomorphic in the Unit Ball Cn 1986ХХ
110034 Rudin W. Function theory in polydiscs 1969ХХ
10327 Rudin W. Real and complex analysis 1986 ХХХ
266 Rudin W. Fourier Analysis on Groups 1980ХХ
90 Rudin W. Principles of Mathematical Analysis 1976 ХХХ
7165 Rudin W. Functional analysis 1973ХХ
41597 Rudin W. The inner function problem in balls n/aХХ
22265 Rudin W. Functional Analysis 1991 ХХХ
31572 Rudnick J., Gaspari G. Elements of the Random Walk: An introduction for Advanced Students and Researchers 2004ХХ
123793 Rudnick J., Guo H. Finite-Size Scaling and the Renormalization Group 1985ХХ
147007 Rudnick L. Lubricant Additives Chemistry and Applications 2003ХХ
133622 Rudnick L.R. Lubricant Additives. Chemistry and Applications 2003ХХ

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