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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
187314 Quesenberry P., Stein G., Forget B. Stem cell biology and gene therapy 1998ХХ
18899 Quesenberry P.J., Stein G.S. (ed.), Forget B.F. (ed.) Stem Cell Biology and Gene Therapy 1998ХХ
10592 Queva J.-L. Cours d'analyse 2003ХХ
187084 Quevauviller P., Gonzalez C., Greenwood R. Rapid Chemical and Biological Techniques for Water Monitoring 2009ХХ
181810 Quevauviller P., Thomas O. Fundamentals of Biological Wastewater Treatment 2007ХХ
84379 Quevauviller P. Method performance studies for speciation analysis 1998 ХХХ
52937 Quevauviller P., Maier E.A. Interlaboratory Studies and Certified Reference Materials for Environmental Analysis: The BCR Approach 1999 ХХХ
52992 Quevauviller P. (ed.), Maier E.A. (ed.), Griepink B. (ed.) Quality Assurance for Environmental Analysis 1995 ХХХ
84548 Quevauviller P. (ed.) The water framework directive. Ecological and chemical status monitoring 2008ХХ
54388 Quevauviller P. (ed.) Quality Assurance in Environmental Monitoring: Sampling and Sample Pretreatment 1995 ХХХ
52451 Quevauviller P.P. (ed.), Thomas O. (ed.), Pouet M.-F. (ed.) Wastewater Quality Monitoring and Treatment 2006ХХ
74679 Quezada R., Sontz S.B. Quantum Probability and Related Topics: Proceedings of the 28th Conference, CIMAT-Guanajuato, Mexico, 2-8 September, 2007 2009ХХ
112827 Quick A. Lie by Moonlight 2005ХХ
17164 Quick M. (ed.), Sibley D. Transmembrane Transporters 2002ХХ
157237 Quideau S. Chemistry and Biology of Ellagitannins: An Underestimated Class of Bioactive Plant Polyphenois 2009ХХ
20810 Quigley E. UNIX Shells by Example 2001 ХХХ
22998 Quigley E. UNIX Shells by Example 2004 ХХХ
20808 Quigley E. JavaScript by Example 2003ХХ
79923 Quigley E. Perl by Example 2007ХХ
183509 Quigley J. Proceedings of the 45th Porcelain Enamel Institute Technical Forum: Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Volume 5, Issue 3/4 1984ХХ
180905 Quigley M. Information Security and Ethics: Social and Organizational Issues 2005ХХ
168150 Quigley M. Encyclopedia of Information Ethics and Security 2008ХХ
29041 Quigley M. (Ed) Information Security and Ethics: Social and Organizational Issues 2004ХХ
163939 Quiinonero-Candela J., Sugiyama M., Schwaighofer A. Dataset Shift in Machine Learning 2009ХХ
1251 Quillen D. Homotopical Algebra 1967ХХ
151245 Quillen D. Homotopical algebra 1967ХХ
106802 Quillen D. Quaternionic algebra and sheaves on the Riemann sphere 1998ХХ
137479 Quin L. D., Tyrell J. Fundamentals of Heterocyclic Chemistry: Importance in Nature and in the Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals 2010 ХХХ
160247 Quine H. Guitar Technique 1990ХХ
143728 Quine W. Mathematical logic 1981ХХ
117831 Quine W.V. Toward a Calculus of Concepts 2001ХХ
116842 Quine W.V. Russell's Ontological Development 1966ХХ
117027 Quine W.V.O. From a Logical Point of View 1961 ХХХ
49128 Quinkert G. (ed.), Kisakurek M.V. (ed.) Essays in Contemporary Chemistry: From Molecular Structure Towards Biology 2002ХХ
132098 Quinlan J.R. C4.5: Programs for Machine Learning 1992ХХ
28569 Quinn B., Shute D. Windows sockets network programming 1995ХХ
141891 Quinn C. Computational Quantum Chemistry: An Interactive Guide to Basis Set Theory 2002ХХ
185795 Quinn C., Fowler P., Redmond D. Computational Quantum Chemistry II. The Group Theory Calculator 2005ХХ
144255 Quinn C.M., Fowler P., Redmond D. Computational Quantum Chemistry II - The Group Theory Calculator 2005ХХ
77752 Quinn F. The Sum of All Heresies: The Image of Islam in Western Thought 2008ХХ
21983 Quinn G.P., Keough M.J. Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Biologists 2002ХХ
152370 Quinn J., Yi K. Solid State Physics: Principles and Modern Applications 2009ХХ
153453 Quinn M., Bokoch G., DeLeo F. Neutrophil methods and protocols 2007ХХ
158353 Quinn P., Wang X. Lipids in Health and Disease (Subcellular Biochemistry) 2008ХХ
159387 Quinn P., Roermund A. Switched-Capacitor Techniques for High-Accuracy Filter and ADC Design (Analog Circuits and Signal Processing) 2007ХХ
164864 Quinn P., Kagan V. Phospholipid Metabolism in Apoptosis. Volume 36 2004ХХ
68465 Quinn P.D. Color Atlas Of Temporomandibular Joint Surgery 1997ХХ
142946 Quinn P.J., Kagan V.E. Phospholipid Metabolism in Apoptosis 2002ХХ
172710 Quinn P.J., Kagan V.E. Phospholipid Metabolism in Apoptosis (Subcellular Biochemistry, Volume 36) (Subcellular Biochemistry) 2002ХХ
11200 Quinn R.E. Building the Bridge As You Walk On It: A Guide for Leading Change 2004ХХ

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