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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
40109 Michele C. (Ed) GIS for Sustainable Development 2005ХХ
120456 Michele Pasquini, Giovanni Paladin Rigorous Bounds of the Lyapunov Exponents of the One-Dimensional Random Ising Model 1994ХХ
77254 Micheler E. Property in securities. A comparative study 2007ХХ
48151 Micheli G., Ernst R., Wolf W. Readings in Hardware/Software Co-design 2001 ХХХ
17882 Micheli-Tzanakou E. Supervised and unsupervised Pattern Recognition: Feature Extraction and Computational 2000ХХ
170629 Michelini R.C. Robot-Age Knowledge Changeover (Robotics Research and Technology) 2009ХХ
155053 Michelle Perkins Professional Portrait Posing: Techniques and Images from Master Photographers (Pro Photo Workshop) 2007ХХ
128326 Micheloni R., Campardo G., Olivo P. Memories in Wireless Systems Signals and Communication Technology 2008ХХ
173229 Michels C. Genetic Techniques for Biological Research: A Case Study Approach 2002ХХ
22334 Michels C.A. Genetic Techniques for Biological Research: A Case Study Approach 2002ХХ
27315 Michelsen K. C# Primer Plus 2001ХХ
44294 Michelson A.A. The Laws of Elastico-Viscous Flow 1917ХХ
44292 Michelson A.A. The Laws of Elastico-Viscous Flow II 1920ХХ
40510 Michelson A.A. A Modification of the Revolving Mirror Method for Measuring the Velocity of Light 1920ХХ
44362 Michelson A.A. The Ruling and Performance of a Ten-Inch Diffraction Grating 1915ХХ
44395 Michelson A.A. The Vertical Interferometer 1920ХХ
40735 Michelson A.A. On the Application of Interference Methods to Astronomical Measurements 1920ХХ
44088 Michelson A.A. Measurement of the Diameter of Alpha-Orionis by the Interferometer 1921ХХ
40738 Michelson A.A. On the Correction of Optical Surfaces 1918ХХ
114387 Michelson A.A. Light Waves and Their Uses 1903ХХ
68513 Michelson A.D. Platelets 2006 ХХХ
9104 Michie D., Spiegelhalter D.J., Taylor C.C. Machine learning, neural and statistical classification 1994ХХ
48626 Michiel Steyaert, Carolien Hermans Broadband Opto-Electrical Receivers In Standard Cmos 2007ХХ
148515 Michiels C., Bartlett D.H., Aertsen A. High-Pressure Microbiology 2008ХХ
140360 Michiels W., Aarts E., Korst J. Theoretical Aspects of Local Search 2007ХХ
149149 Michigan Historical Reprint Series Mathematical recreations, containing solutions of difficult and important equations 2005 ХХХ
189393 Michigan Historical Reprint Series The collected mathematical papers of Arthur Cayley.Vol. 11 1896ХХ
123826 Michio Jimbo, Hitoshi Konno, Satoru Odake Free Field Construction for the ABF Models in Regime II 2000ХХ
51362 Michler G.H., Godehardt R., Adhikari R. Electron Microscopy of Polymers 2008ХХ
74464 Michler P. Single Quantum Dots: Fundamentals, Applications and New Concepts 2004ХХ
131327 Michler P. Single Semiconductor Quantum Dots 2009ХХ
190788 Michler P. Single Semiconductor Quantum Dots (NanoScience and Technology) 2009ХХ
136464 Michlin S.G., Probdorf S. Singulare integraloperatoren 1980ХХ
54610 Michman R.D., Mazze E.M. The Food Industry Wars: Marketing Triumphs and Blunders 1998 ХХХ
123200 Michoel T., Verbeure A. Goldstone Boson Normal Coordinates in Interacting Bose Gases 1999ХХ
122864 Michoel T., Verbeure A. Interferencing in Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates 2001ХХ
154927 Michor P. Functors and Categories of Banach Spaces 1978ХХ
12554 Michor P.W. Isometric Actions of Lie Groups and Invariants 1997ХХ
2395 Michor P.W. Elementary Catastrophe Theory 1985ХХ
2396 Michor P.W. Manifolds of Differentiable Mappings 1980ХХ
2397 Michor P.W. Topics in Differential Geometry 2002ХХ
2225 Michor P.W. Gauge Theory for Fiber Bundles 1988ХХ
39425 Michor P.W. Topics in Differential Geometry 2006ХХ
20136 Michor P.W. Foundations of Differential Geometry 1997ХХ
106610 Michor P.W. Topics in differential geometry 2006ХХ
106089 Michor P.W. Topics in Differential Geomnetry 2006ХХ
110179 Michor P.W. Isometric axtions of lie groups and invariants 1997ХХ
81506 Michulec R., Volstad R. Waffen-SS (1): Forging An Army 1934-1943 2000ХХ
55143 Mickens R.E. Mathematical Methods for the Natural and Engineering Sciences 2004ХХ

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