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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
106631 Izobov N.A. Linear systems of ordinary differential equations 1974ХХ
75170 Izu Vaisman Lectures on the geometry of Poisson manifolds 1994 ХХХ
52172 Izumi K. An Artificial Market Model of a Foreign Exchange Market 1998ХХ
121109 Izus G.G., Rueda J.R., Borz C.H. Boundary Effects on the Structural Stability of Stationary Patterns in a Bistable Reaction-Diffusion System 1998ХХ
185569 Izutsu K. Electrochemistry in nonaqueous solutions 2002ХХ
179916 Izutsu K. Electrochemistry in Nonaqueous Solutions 2002ХХ
18669 Izutsu K. Electrochemistry in Nonaqueous Solutions 2002ХХ
63154 Izyumov N., Linde D. Fundamentals Of Radio 1976ХХ
141342 Izzo D. Portraying the Lady: Technologies of Gender in the Short Stories of Henry James 2001ХХ
165251 Izzo D., Rossini L. Brain Machine Interfaces for Space Applications: enhancing astronaut capabilities 2009ХХ
90961 Iегер ќ. ¬сеобща€ истори€ в четырех томах. “ом третий 1894ХХ
90824 Iегер ќ. ¬сеобща€ истори€ в четырех томах. “ом первый 1894ХХ
91290 Iегер ќ. ¬сеобща€ истори€ в четырех томах. “ом второй 1894ХХ
83779 J Paulo Davim Machining: fundamentals and recent advances 2008ХХ
121810 J . Wehr, J . Xin Front Speed in the Burgers Equation with a Random Flux 1996ХХ
52763 Jákli A., Saupe A. One and Two Dimensional Fluids: Properties of Smectic, Lamellar and Columnar Liquid Crystals 2006 ХХХ
4141 Jäckel P. Monte Carlo methods in finance 2001ХХ
20076 Jäger M. Compilerbau - eine Einführung 1998 ХХХ
20514 Jäger M. Verteilte Systeme II 1999 ХХХ
78912 Jähne B., Mester R. Complex Motion: First International Workshop, IWCM 2004, Günzburg, Germany, October 12-14, 2004, Revised Papers 2006ХХ
74898 Jähne B. Digitale Bildverarbeitung 2001 ХХХ
78461 Jähne B. Spatio-Temporal Image Processing 1993 ХХХ
75002 Jähne B. Digital Image Processing 2002 ХХХ
77580 Jänich K. Vektoranalysis 2006 ХХХ
77408 Jördening H.-J., Winter J. Environmental Biotechnology: Concepts and Applications 2005 ХХХ
116498 Jørn B. Olsson Kombinatorik, Partitioner og Repr?sentationsteori Kompendium n/aХХ
81644 Jünger M. (Editor), Naddef D. (Editor) Computational Combinatorial Optimization: Optimal or Provably Near-Optimal Solutions 2001 ХХХ
77124 Jünger M.(ed.), Naddef D.(ed.) Computational Combinatorial Optimization: Optimal or Provably Near-Optimal Solutions 2001 ХХХ
125132 Jürgen F. Stilck, Yan Levin, Jeferson J. Arenzon Thermodynamic Properties of a Simple Model of Like-Charged Attracting Rods 2001ХХ
22152 Jürgens M. LATeX Ч eine Einführung und ein bißchen mehr 1995ХХ
9795 Jürgens M. LaTeX - Fortgeschrittene Anwendungen 1995ХХ
155884 J. A. Callow, S. H. De Boer, John H. Andrews Advances in Botanical Research, Volume 23: Pathogen Indexing Technologies 1996 ХХХ
99543 J. B. Morton, S. Corrsin Consolidated expansions for estimating the response of a randomly driven nonlinear oscillator 1970ХХ
121398 J. Bene, S. Brocheler, H. Lustfeld Simulating 2D Flows with Viscous Vortex Dynamics 2000ХХ
96905 J. C. Kimball The kinetic Ising model: Exact susceptibilities of two simple examples 1979ХХ
121205 J. Carr Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to the Coagulation-Fragmentation Equations. II. Weak Fragmentation 1993ХХ
100033 J. Coste, J. Peyraud, P. Coullet Simple kinetic model of symmetry breaking 1979ХХ
97670 J. D. van der Waals The thermodynamic theory of capillarity under the hypothesis of a continuous variation of density n/aХХ
152008 J. David Logan Applied mathematics: A contemporary approach 1987 ХХХ
99548 J. E. Sacco, A. Widom, J. B. Sokoloff Commensurability in one-dimensional lattices at finite temperature 1979ХХ
78431 J. Gratch, M. Young (eds.) Intelligent Virtual Agents 2006ХХ
100108 J. Groeneveld Critique of the paper Уon the gas-liquid phase transitionФ 1973ХХ
99469 J. Hoshen, P. Klymko, R. Kopelman Percolation and cluster distribution. III. Algorithms for the site-bond problem 1979ХХ
99540 J. J. Vieceli, H. Reiss Further application of the statistical thermodynamics of curved surfaces to scaled particle theory 1973ХХ
100021 J. J. Vieceli, H. Reiss Application of the thermodynamics of curved boundary layers to the scaled particle theory of hard-sphere fluids 1973ХХ
121793 J. Jackle, K. Frobose Size Dependence of Self-Diffusion in the Hard-square Lattice Gas 1990ХХ
121970 J. Javier Brey, James W. Dufty, Andre s Santos Kinetic Models for Granular Flow 1999ХХ
122016 J. Javier Brey, James W. Dufty, Andres Santos Dissipative Dynamics for Hard Spheres 1996ХХ
99484 J. K. E. Tunaley Moments of the Montroll-Weiss continuous-time random walk for arbitrary starting time 1976ХХ
99535 J. K. E. Tunaley A theory of 1/f current noise based on a random walk model 1976ХХ

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