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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
23561 Guruge A. Corporate Portals Empowered with XML and Web Services 2002ХХ
22457 Guruge A. Web Services: Theory and Practice 2004ХХ
20231 Gurumurthy K. Pro Wicket 2006ХХ
78245 Guruswami V. List Decoding of Error-Correcting Codes Winning Thesis of the 2002 ACM Doctoral Dissertation Competition 2008ХХ
168707 Guruswami V. ALGORITHMIC RESULTS IN LIST DECODING (Foundations and Trends(R) in Theoretical Computer Science) 2007ХХ
48503 Gurzadian G.G., Dmitriev V.G. Handbook of Nonlinear Optical Crystals 1999 ХХХ
114253 Gusev V., Litvinenko V., Morkovich A. Problemas Matematicos - Geometria 1989ХХ
162277 Gusev Y. MicroRNA Profiling in Cancer: A Bioinformatics Perspective 2010ХХ
189585 Gusfield D. Algorithms on Strings, Trees and Sequences: Computer Science and Computational Biology 1997ХХ
110979 Gusfield G. Algorithms on Strings, Trees and Sequences - Computer Science and Computational Biology 1997ХХ
22160 Gussow M. Schaum's Outline of Basic Electricity 1983ХХ
20427 Gust H., Tischler A., Hügelmeyer P. Einführung in Prolog mit SWI-Prolog 1999ХХ
20246 Gust H., Tischler A., Thelen T. Einfuhrung in LISP 2000ХХ
21336 Gustafson D. Schaum's Outline of Software Engineering 2002ХХ
76290 Gustafson J.P. Very Brief Psychotherapy 2005ХХ
138358 Gustafson S.J., Sigal I.M. Mathematical Concepts of Quantum Mechanics 2003ХХ
57325 Gustafson T. Capitalism Russian-Style 1999ХХ
57174 Gustafsson A., Herrmann A., Huber F. Conjoint Measurement: Methods and Applications 2007 ХХХ
137110 Gustafsson B., Oliger J. Time Dependent Problems and Difference Methods 1996ХХ
166158 Gustafsson B., Vasil'ev A. Conformal and Potential Analysis in Hele-Shaw Cells (Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics) 2006ХХ
141620 Gustafsson B., Vasiliev A. Analysis and mathematical physics 2009ХХ
4978 Gustafsson B., Vasiliev A. Conformal and potential analysis in Hele-Shaw cells 2004ХХ
33560 Gustafsson E. High Order Difference Methods for Time Dependent PDE 2008ХХ
4314 Gustafsson F. Adaptive filtering and change detection 2000ХХ
40647 Gustard A., Bullock A. Low Flow Estimation in the United Kingdom 1992ХХ
136084 Gustav I. Lehrer, Donald E. Taylor Unitary reflection groups 2009 ХХХ
135062 Gustav K. von Schulthess, Christoph L. Zollikofer Musculoskeletal Diseases: Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Techniques 2005 ХХХ
132196 Gustave Choquet, Jerrold E. Marsden Lectures on analysis. Infinite dimensional measures and problem solutions 1976 ХХХ
154736 Gustave Choquet What is modern mathematics (1963) 1963ХХ
137502 Gustave Choquet G. Lectures on analysis. Volume 2. Representation theory 1976ХХ
113189 Gustave Malecot Les mathematiques de l'heredite 1948ХХ
47024 Gustavii B. How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper 2007 ХХХ
154744 Gustavo Duque, Douglas P. Kiel Osteoporosis in Older Persons: Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Approach 2008 ХХХ
127534 Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cenovas, Anthony J. Fontana Jr., Shelly J. Schmidt Water activity in foods: fundamentals and applications 2007 ХХХ
127059 Gustavsson M., Wikner J.J., Tan N. CMOS Data Converters for Communications 2000ХХ
47663 Gustin J.P., Joseph P.G. Energy Management Systems and Direct Digital Control 2001ХХ
148746 Guston D., Sarewitz D. Shaping Science and Technology Policy: The Next Generation of Research (Science and Technology in Society) 2006ХХ
146283 Guston D.H., Sarewitz D. Shaping Science and Technology Policy: The Next Generation of Research 2006ХХ
104645 Gusynin V.P., Kornyak V.V. Symbolic Computation of DeWitt-Seeley-Gilkey Coefficients on Curved Manifolds 1994ХХ
84014 Gut A. Probability: a graduate course 2005ХХ
12927 Gut A. Stopped Random Walks: Limit Theorems and Applications 1988ХХ
151214 Gutenbrunner C., Glaesener J. Rehabilitation, Physikalische Medizin und Naturheilverfahren: Das neue Lehrbuch zum Querschnittbereich 2007ХХ
107737 Gutev V. Mathematics III. Real Analysis n/aХХ
28247 Guthery S., Cronin M. Mobile application development with SMS and the SIM toolkit 2001ХХ
178280 Guthmann A., Georganopoulos M., Marcowith A. Relativistic Flows in Astrophysics 2002ХХ
55713 Guthrie G.A. Recursion operators and non-local symmetries 1994ХХ
147930 Guthrie L.J. Clinical Case Studies in Physiotherapy: A Guide for Students and Graduates (Physiotherapy Pocketbooks) 2008ХХ
22162 Guthrie P. The Architect's Portable Handbook 2003ХХ
187059 Guthrie R. A Specialist Periodical Report. Carbohydrate Chemistry Volume 1. A Review of the Literature Published during 1967 1968ХХ
185159 Guthrie R., Ferrier R., Inch T. Carbohydrate Chemistry Volume 3 1970ХХ

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