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Все ресурсы

АвторАвтор 2Автор 3НазваниеГод издания
Y V. KalashnikovY M. ZolotarevStability Problems for Stochastic Models1993
Yōji AizawaYonosuke KobatakeA statistical theory of excitable membranes. Nonlinear force-flux relation and fluctuation1976
Y. AlmirantisA. ProvataLong- and Short-Range Correlations in Genome Organization1999
Y. BekkersJ. CohenMemory Management: International Workshop IWMM 92, St.Malo, France, September 17 - 19, 1992. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)1992
Y. BrikmanTerraform: Up & Running2019
Y. ChenEnergy Science & Technology in China: A Roadmap to 20502010
Y. DeswarteInformation Security Management, Education and Privacy (IFIP International Federation for Information Processing)2004
Y. H. HuiL. B.BruinsmaJ. R. GorhamFood Plant Sanitation Food Science and Technology2002
Y. J. IoninM. S. ShrikhandeCombinatorics of Symmetric Designs (New Mathematical Monographs)2006
Y. KakiharaHilbert and Banach space-valued stochastic processes2021
Y. KambayashiM.MohaniaData Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery: 5th International Conference, DaWaK 2003, Prague, Czech Republic, September 3-5,2003, Proceedings2003
Y. KomoriV. MarkovicC. SeriesKleinian Groups and Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds2003
Y. KuriharaS.TakayaInformation Technology and Economic Development (Premier Reference Source)2007
Y. MeuriceG. OrdazRodgers V. G. J.A Numerical Study of the Hierarchical Ising Model: High-Temperature Versus Epsilon Expansion1994
Y. N. MoschovakisDescriptive Set Theory1987
Y. OkuyamaAbsolute summability of Fourier series and orthogonal series1984
Y. PinchoverJ. RubensteinAn Introduction to Partial Differential Equations2005
Y. PomeauA. PumirP. PeleeIntrinsic Stoehastieity with Many Degrees of Freedom1984
Y. ShiComputational Science - ICCS 2007: 7th International Conference, Beijing China, May 27-30, 2007, Proceedings, Part III2007
Y. SUHOVM. KELBERTProbability and Statistics by Example2005
Y. XinMinimal Submanifolds and Related Topics (Nankai Tracts in Mathematics 8)2004
Y.AchdouO. PironneauComputational Methods for Option Pricing (Frontiers in Applied Mathematics)2005
Y.H. HuiHarold CorkeIngrid De LeynBakery products: science and technology2006
Y.MatsumotoR.SproatKam-Fai Wong, Min ZhangComputer Processing of Oriental Languages. Beyond the Orient: The Research Challenges Ahead: 21st International Conference, ICCPOL 2006, Singapore, December2006
Ya Helemskii A.West A.Banach and locally convex algebras1993
Ya-Qiu JinTheory and approach of information retrievals from electromagnetic scattering and remote sensing2006
Ya-Ru Chen (Ed.)Research on Managing Groups and Teams:National Culture and Groups (Vol. 9)2006
Yaakov KraftmakherExperiments And Demonstrations in Physics: Bar-ilan Physics Laboratory2006
Yack D.Mayo J.Hanselman S.ASP.NET 2.0 MVP Hacks and Tips2006
Yackel E.Gravemeijer K.Sfard A.A Journey in Mathematics Education Research: Insights from the Work of Paul Cobb2010
Yacobi B.G.Brodie I. (Ed)Sher A. (Ed)Semiconductor Materials (Microdevices Series: Physics and Fabrication Techmologies): An Introduction to Basic Principles2003
Yacoub M.Wireless Technology: Protocols, Standards, and Techniques2002
Yacoub S.M.Ammar H.H.Pattern-Oriented Analysis and Design: Composing Patterns to Design Software Systems2003
Yacoubi S.E. (ed.)Chopard B. (ed.)Bandini S. (ed.)Cellular automata. Lecture notes in computer science 41732006
Yadav B.Singh D.Functional Analysis and Operator Theory1992
Yadid-Pecht O.CMOS Imagers2004
Yadid-Pecht O.Etienne-Cummings R.CMOS Imagers: From Phototransduction to Image Processing (Fundamental Theories of Physics)2004
Yadin В.International Dictionary of Marketing2002
Yafaev D.Lectures on scattering theory2001
Yafaev D.R.Scattering theory: some old and new problems1998
Yagel S.Gembruch U.Silverman N.Fetal Cardiology: Embryology, Genetics, Physiology, Echocardiographic Evaluation, Diagnosis and Perinatal Management of Cardiac Diseases (2nd Edition) (Series in Maternal-Fetal Medicine)2009
Yager R.R.Fuzzy Summaries in Database mining1995
Yager R.R.Liu L.Classic works on the Dempster-Shafer theory of belief functions: 43 tables2007
Yaghjian A.Relativistic Dynamics of a Charged Sphere2006
Yaghjian A.Relativistic Dynamics of a Charged Sphere: Updating the Lorentz-Abraham Model1992
Yaghmour K.Building Embedded Linux Systems2003
Yagi A.Abstract Parabolic Evolution Equations and their Applications2010
Yagi Y.Kang S.Kweon I.Computer Vision - ACCV 2007: 8th Asian Conference on Computer Vision, Tokyo, Japan, November 18-22, 2007, Proceedings, Part II (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)2007
Yagi Y.(ed.)Kang S.B.(ed.)Kweon I.S.(ed.)Computer Vision – ACCV 2007 8th Asian Conference on Computer Vision Tokyo, Japan, November 18-22, 2007 Proceedings, Part II2007
Yagi Y.(ed.)Kang S.B.(ed.)Kweon I.S.(ed.)Computer Vision – ACCV 2007 8th Asian Conference on Computer Vision Tokyo, Japan, November 18-22, 2007 Proceedings, Part I2007
Yaglom A.Yaglom I.Challenging mathematical problems with elementary solutions1987
Yaglom A.Yaglom I.Challenging mathematical problems with elementary solutions1987
Yaglom A.M.Geometric Transformations I1962
Yaglom A.M.An Introduction to the Theory of Stationary Random Functions2004
Yaglom A.M.Correlation Theory of Stationary and Related Random Functions. Vol 11987
Yaglom A.M.Correlation Theory of Stationary and Related Random Functions. Vol 21987
Yaglom A.M.Yaglom I.M.Probability and Information1983
Yaglom I.A Simple Non-Euclidean Geometry and Its Physical Basis1979
Yaglom I.M.Challenging Mathematical Problems with Elementary Solutions: Combinatorial Analysis and Probability Theory, Vol. 11987
Yaglom I.M.Challenging Mathematical Problems with Elementary Solutions, Vol. 21987
Yaglom I.M.Felix Klein and Sophus Lie. Evolution of the Idea of Symmetry in the Nineteenth century1988
Yaglom I.M.Geometric Transformations II1968
Yaglom I.M.Complex Numbers in Geometry1968
Yaglom I.M.Algebra Extraordinaria1983
Yaglom I.M.Les nombres complexes et leurs applications en geometrie1966
Yaglom I.M.Shenitzer A.Gordon B.A simple non-euclidean geometry and its physical basis1979
Yago G. (ed.)Barth J.R. (ed.)Zeidman B. (ed.)Entrepreneurship in Emerging Domestic Markets2008
Yaguello M.Lunatic Lovers of Language1991
Yahya F.New ''Temples'' of India: Singapore and India Collaboration in Information Technology Parks (Social Sciences in Asia)2008
Yahya H.Global Freemasonry2002
Yair ShapiraMathematical Objects in C Computational Tools in A Unified Object-Oriented Approach2009
Yair WisemanSong JiangYair WisemanAdvanced Operating Systems and Kernel Applications: Techniques and Technologies2009
Yajima N.Izutsu N.Imamura T.Scientific Ballooning Technology and Applications of Exploration Balloons Floating in the Stratosphere and the Atmospheres of Other Planets2009
Yajima N.Izutsu N.Imamura T.Scientific Ballooning: Technology and Applications of Exploration Balloons Floating in the Stratosphere and the Atmospheres of Other Planets2009
Yakhno T.Advances in Information Systems: First International Conference, ADVIS 2000, Izmir, Turkey, October 25-27, 2000, Proceedings2000
Yakhno T.Neuhold E.Advances in Information Systems: 4th International Conference, ADVIS 2006, Izmir, Turkey, October 18-20, 20062006
Yakhno T.Advances in Information Systems: Third International Conference, ADVIS 2004, Izmir, Turkey, October 20-22, 2004. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)2005
Yakimiv A.L.Probabilistic Applications of Tauberian Theorems2005
Yakov M. ShnirMagnetic Monopoles2005
Yakov PesinHoward WeissA Multifractal Analysis of Equilibrium Measures for Conformal Expanding Maps and Moran-like Geometric Constructions1996
Yakov PesinLectures on Partial Hyperbolicity and Stable Ergodicity2004
Yakovenko S.Ilyashenko I.Lectures on analytic differential equations0
Yakovenko S.Introduction to manifolds. Lection1992
Yakovlev A.Klebanov L.Gaile D.Statistical Methods for Microarray Data Analysis: Methods and Protocols2013
Yakovlev G.Plants of Central Asia.Volume 8a.Leguminosae.2003
Yakubovich S.B.Luchko Yu.F.The evolution of Integrals and series with respect to indices (parameters) of hypergeometric functions0
Yakuji Nippo LtdThe Japanese Pharmacopoeia2006
Yakushevich L.Nonlinear Physics of DNA2004
Yakushevich L.Nonlinear Physics of DNA, Second Edition2004
Yalamanchili S.Duato J.Parallel Computer Routing and Communication, PCRCW '97: Second International Workshop, Pcrcw '97, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, June 26-27, 1997: Proceedings1998
Yalcin T.Gruber C.A Probabilistic Approach to the Models of Spin Glasses1983
Yaldram K.Binder K.Monte Carlo Simulation of Phase Separation and Clustering in the ABV Model1991
Yale P.B.Geometry and Symmetry1968
Yalkowsky S.H.H.Handbook of Aqueous Solubility Data2003
Yam K.Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology2009
Yam T.Y.Lectures on Modules and Rings1999
Yam V.WOLEDs and Organic Photovoltaics: Recent Advances and Applications (Green Energy and Technology)2010
Yamabe T.Fukui K.Tanaka K.The Science and Technology of Carbon Nanotubes1999
Yamada K.Electron Correlation in Metals2004
Yamada T.The Schur Subgroup of the Brauer Group1974
Yamada T. (ed.)Alpers D.H. (ed.)Principles of Clinical Gastroenterology2008
Yamaguchi E.Basic Theory of Plates and Elastic Stability1999
Yamaguchi F.Curves and surfaces in computer aided geometric design1988
Yamaguchi H.Engineering Fluid Mechanics2008
Yamaguchi M. (ed.)Tanimoto Y. (ed.)Magnetoscience: Magnetic Field Effects on Materials. Fundamentals and Applications2006
Yamaguchi T.Nano-Biomedical Engineering 2009: Proceedings of the Tohoku University Global Center of Excellence Program, Global Nano-Biomedical Engineering Education and Research Network Centre, Se2009
Yamaguchi T. (ed.)Nano-Biomedical Engineering 2009: Proceedings of the Tohoku University Global Center of Excellence Program, Global Nano-Biomedical Engineering Education and Research Network Centre, Se2009
Yamaguchi Y.Osamura Y.Goddard J.D.New Dimension in Quantum Chemistry: Analytical Derivative Methods in Ab Initio Molecular Electronic Structure Theory1994
Yamaguchi Y.Kometani K.Self-Synchronization of Nonlinear Oscillations in the Presence of Fluctuations1981
Yamaguchi Y.Tanikawa K.New Type of Heteroclinic Tangency in Two-Dimensional Maps1991
Yamaguehi Y.Tanikawa K.A Theorem on the First Heteroelinic Tangeney in Two-Dimensional Maps. Orientation-Preserving Cases1990
Yamakawa H.Modern Theory of Polymer Solutions2001
Yamamoto G.Mobilized Marketing and the Consumer: Technological Developments and Challenges (Premier Reference Source)2010
Yamamoto H.Main Group Metals in Organic Synthesis, Two Volume Set2004
Yamamoto H. (ed.)Lewis Acid Reagents: A Practical Approach1999
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Yamamuro S.Differential Calculus in Topological Linear Spaces1974
Yaman H.R.A Conceptual Model of Knowledge Acquisition and Utilisation Through Marketing Research in Tourism: Development and an Empirical Assessment2000
Yamanaka C.R.Li Zh.R.Industrials Applications of Electron Microscopy2003
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Yamanouchi K. (ed.)Chin S.L. (ed.)Agostini P. (ed.)Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science Volume III2008
Yamanouchi T.Duality for Actions and Coactions of Measured Groupoids on von Neumann Algebras -1993
Yamarone R.The Trader's Guide to Key Economic Indicators2004
Yamasaki H.Intelligent Sensors (Volume 3)1996
Yamase T.Pope M.Polyoxometalate Chemistry for Nano-Composite Design (Nanostructure Science and Technology)2004
Yamase T.Pope M.Polyoxometalate Chemistry for Nano-Composite Design (Nanostructure Science and Technology)2004
Yamashita Y.Jue T.Masuda K.Application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Biomedicine. Volume 42013
Yamawaki K.Strong coupling gauge theories and effective field theories: proceedings of the 2002 international workshop2003
Yamazaki A. (Ed)Advances in Mathematical Economics, Vol. 72005
Yamazaki Y.Hilhorst H.J.Meissner G.Differential Real-Space Renormalization of the d-Dimensional Gaussian Model1980
Yamin F. (ed.)Climate change and carbon markets2005
Yammarino F.J.Dansereau F.Research In Multi-Level Issues. Vol 52006
Yan H.Signal Processing for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy2002
Yan H. (ed.)Signal Processing for Magnetic Resonance maging and Spectroscopy2002
Yan H.-S.Reconstruction Designs of Lost Ancient Chinese Machinery2007
Yan J.Harmonic Interaction Model and Its Applications in Bose–Einstein Condensation2003
Yan LevinThermodynamics of Surface Tension: Application to Electrolyte Solutions2001
Yan M.Topology2002
Yan M.Topology2010
Yan M.Advanced Analysis2009
Yan Q.Membrane Transporters. Methods and Protocols2003
Yan Q.Membrane Transporters in Drug Discovery and Development: Methods and Protocols2010
Yan Q.Pharmacogenomics in Drug Discovery and Development2008
Yan Q.Membrane Transporters Methods and Protocols2003
Yan Q.Pharmacogenomics in Drug Discovery and Development2008
Yan S.Y.Number Theory for Computing2002
Yan S.Y.Primality Testing and Integer Factorization in Public-Key Cryptography, 2nd ed. (Advances in Information Security)2008
Yan T.The geobucket data structure for polynomials1998
Yan X.Numerische Simulation und Zeitskalenanalyse katalytischer Verbrennungsprozesse2001
Yan Y.Kobdaj C.Suebka P.Few-Body Problems in Physics: Proceedings of the 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference2007
Yan Y.Python for Finance2014
Yan Zhang (Author, Editor)Miao Ma (Editor)Jun Zheng (Editor)Handbook of Research on Wireless Security2008
Yan-yan L.A central limit theorem of branching process with mixing interactions2002
Yana A.Ooki R.Komatsu Y.Writing E-mails in Japanese2006
Yanagihara H.Theory of Hopf Algebras Attached to Group Schemes1977
Yanbo HanStefan TaiDietmar WikarskiEngineering and Deployment of Cooperative Information Systems: First International Conference, EDCIS 2002, Beijing, China, September 17-20, 2002. Proceedings2002
Yanchun ZhangAlfredo CuzzocreaJianhua MaDatabase Theory and Application, Bio-Science and Bio-Technology2010
Yandell B.The Honors Class: Hilbert's Problems and Their Solvers2003
Yanful E.Appropriate Technologies for Environmental Protection in the Developing World: Selected Papers from ERTEP 2007, July 17-19 2007, Ghana, Africa2009
Yang B.Ni L.M.Zheng P.Professional Microsoft Smartphone Programming2006
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Yang C.Advanced Geoinformation Science2010
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Yang G.Life Cycle Reliability Engineering2007
Yang G.Hawkes D.Rueckert D.Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention -- MICCAI 2009: 12th International Conference, London, UK, September 20-24, 2009, ... Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Graphics)2009
Yang G.-Z.Jiang T.Medical Imaging and Augmented Reality: Third International Workshop, Shanghai, China, August 17-18, 2006, Proceedings2006
Yang H.Wang H.Czura C.J.High Mobility Group Box 1 (HMGB1)0
Yang H.Advances In Uml And Xml-based Software Evolution2005
Yang H.Jiang B.Cocquempot V.Fault Tolerant Control Design for Hybrid Systems (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences)2010
Yang H.Huang H.Mathematical and Economic Theory of Road Pricing2005
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Yang H.-C.Order Statistics in Wireless Communications. Diversity, Adaptation, and Scheduling in MIMO and OFDM Systems2011
Yang J.Wang W.Mining Sequential Patterns from Large Data Sets2005
Yang J.Analysis of piezoelectric devices2006
Yang J.The Mechanics of Piezoelectric Structures2006
Yang J.An Introduction to the Theory of Piezoelectricity (Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics)2005
Yang J.An introduction to the theory of piezoelectricity2005
Yang J.Yokoo M.Ito T.Principles of Practice in Multi-Agent Systems: 12th International Conference, PRIMA 2009, Nagoya, Japan, December 14-16, 2009, Proceedings (Lecture ... Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)2009
Yang J.Tritt T.Thermal Conductivity: Theory, Properties, and Applications2004
Yang J.T.Yang J.N.An Outline of Scientific Writing: For Researchers With English As a Foreign Language1995
Yang K.Complex Algebraic Geometry: An Introduction to Curves and Surfaces1991
Yang K.Trewn J.Multivariate Statistical Methods in Quality Management2004
Yang K.Adipose tissue protocols2008
Yang K.Complex algebraic geometry1991
Yang K.Adipose Tissue Protocols2008
Yang L.Recent Advances on Determining the Number of Real Roots of Parametric Polynomials1999
Yang L.Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring2008
Yang L.Amamiya M.Liu Z.Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing - EUC 2005: International Conference EUC 2005, Nagasaki, Japan, December 6-9, 2005, Proceedings2005
Yang L.Guo M.Gao G.Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing: International Conference EUC 2004, Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Japan, August 25-27, 2004, Proceedings2004
Yang L.Zhou X.Zhao W.Embedded Software and Systems: Second International Conference, ICESS 2005, Xi'an, China, December 16-18, 2005, Proceedings2005
Yang L.Techniques for Corrosion Monitoring2008
Yang L.T.Jin H.Ma J.Autonomic and Trusted Computing2006
Yang P.Chemistry of Nanostructured Materials2003
Yang Q.Webb G.PRICAI 2006: Trends in Artificial Intelligence: 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Guilin, China, August 7-11, 2006 Proceedings2006
Yang R.T.Adsorbents: Fundamentals and Applications2003
Yang S.CDMA RF System Engineering1998
Yang S.El-Enshasy H.Thongchul N.Bioprocessing Technologies in Biorefinery for Sustainable Production of Fuels, Chemicals, and Polymers2013
Yang S.C.3G CDMA2000 Wireless System Engineering2004
Yang S.C.CDMA RF System Engineering1998
Yang T.Impulsive Control Theory2001
Yang V.Brill T.Ren W.Solid Propellant Chemistry, Combustion, and Motor Interior Ballistics2000
Yang W.Fluidization, Solids Handling, and Processing: Industrial Applications1999
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Yang W.Fluidization, solids handling, and processing: industrial applications1998
Yang W.Fluidization solids handling and processing1998
Yang W.P.Du M.W.A backtracking method for constructing perfect hash functions from a set of mapping functions1985
Yang W.Y.Applied Numerical Methods Using MATLAB2005
Yang W.Y.Chang T.G.Song I.H.Signals and Systems with MATLAB2009
Yang X.Springer Series on Signals and Communication Technology.Handover In Dvb-H2008
Yang X.Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technologies for Coastal Ecosystem Assessment and Management (Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography)2009
Yang X.Introduction to mathematical optimization2008
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Yangeng D.Variational Methods for Strongly Indefinite Problems2007
Yanghua WangSeismic Inverse Q Filtering2008
Yanishlieva N.Gordon M.Pokorny J.Antioxidants in food: practical applications2001
Yank K.Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP and MySQL2004
Yank K.Adams C.Simply JavaScript2007
Yankah A.Weng Y.Hetzer R.Aortic Root Surgery: The Biological Solution2010
Yankelovich D.Profit with Honor: The New Stage of Market Capitalism2006
Yanming AnBrian BruyaNEW LIFE FOR OLD IDEAS Chinese PhilosoPhy in the ContemPorary World2019
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Yanni C.The Architecture of Madness2007
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