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Все ресурсы

АвторАвтор 2Автор 3НазваниеГод издания
WÄunsche J.-H.Theoretische Physik I. Mechanik und RelativitÄatstheorie2005
Wöhler M.Hierarchische Optimierung von Beschaufelungen Hydraulischer Maschinen1999
Wördenweber B.Wallaschek J.Boyce P.Automotive Lighting and Human Vision2007
Wübbeling F.Skript Numerische Bildverarbeitung1997
Wübben B.German Mergers & Acquisitions in the USA2007
Wüger D.Cottier T.Genetic Engineering and the World Trade System: World Trade Forum2008
Wüthrich M.V.Bühlmann H.Furrer H.Market-Consistent Actuarial Valuation2008
W. A. SchulzMolecular Biology of Human Cancers : An Advanced Student's Textbook2007
W. BurgerM.J. BurgePrinciples of Digital Image Processing: Fundamental Techniques (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science)2009
W. BurnsideTheory of Groups of Finite Order1911
W. ByersHow Mathematicians Think: Using Ambiguity, Contradiction, and Paradox to Create Mathematics2007
W. CartwrightGeorg GartnerAntje LehnCartography and Art (Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography)2009
W. DriesslerL. LandauJ. Fernando PerezEstimates of critical lengths and critical temperatures for classical and quantum lattice systems1979
W. EckhausA. V. HartenNorth-Holland mathematics studies, no. 50: Inverse Scattering Transformation and the Theory of Solitons1981
W. EverlingExercises in Computer Systems Analysis (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)1976
W. GittIn the Beginning Was Information2000
W. J. GilbertW. K. NicholsonModern Algebra with Applications2003
W. MarshallOriginal Gary Moore: An annotated guide to the guitar technique of Gary Moore1988
W. P. H. de BoerCh. G. van WeertOn the derivation of quantum kinetic equations. II. Nonlocal Uehling-Uhlenbeck equation1978
W. PotzJ. FabianU. HohenesterModern Aspects of Spin Physics (Lecture Notes in Physics)2006
W. S.KoonM.W. LoJ. E. MarsdenDynamical Systems, the Three-Body Problem and Space Mission Design (Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics)2006
W. T. TsangLightwave Communications Technology: Part C, Semiconductor Injection Lasers, II Light-Emitting Diodes1985
W. Van SnyderAlgorithm 723 (Fresnel integrals)1993
W. W. PigmanAdvances in Carbohydrate Chemistry, Volume 21946
W. W. SawyerPrelude to Mathematics1955
W. WangS. A. SoperBio-MEMS: Technologies and Applications2006
W. Yang (Editor)Advances in Protein Chemistry, Volume 69: DNA Repair and Replication2004
W.B. FrakesSoftware Reuse: Advances in Software Reusability: 6th International Conference ICSR-6, Vienna, Austria, June 27-29, 2000. Proceedings2000
W.Carl RufusAtmospheric Pulsation of the Cepheid Variable ν Aquilae1923
W.DicksGroups, Trees and Projective Modules1980
W.HeywangK.LubitzW. WersingPiezoelectricity: Evolution and Future of a Technology2008
W.L. NeuhuberM. RaabH.-R. BerthoudInnervation of the Mammalian Esophagus (Advances in Anatomy, Embryology and Cell Biology)2006
W.P. JanzenHigh Throughput Screening: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, 190)2002
W.RenemaBiogeography, Time and Place: Distributions, Barriers and Islands (Topics in Geobiology)2007
W.V.D.HodgeFurther Properties of Abelian Integrals Attached to Algebraic Varieties1931
W.W. AdamsP. LoustaunauAn Introduction to Grobner Bases.1994
W.W.Rouse BallRécréations mathématiques et problemes des temps anciens et modernes1992
Waal Malefyt R.IL102000
Waardenburg J.Muslim Perceptions of other religions1999
Wacey D.Biology - Early Life On Earth - A Practical Guide2009
Wachsmuth I.Rollinger C.Brauer W.KI-95: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: 19th Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Bielefeld, Germany, September 11 - 13, 1995. ... - Proceedings 19th1995
Wachsmuth I.Sowa T.Gesture and Sign Languages in Human-Computer Interaction2002
Wachsmuth I.Frohlich M.Gesture and Sign Language in Human-Computer Interaction: International Gesture Workshop, Bielefeld, Germany, September 17-19, 1997, Proceedings1998
Wachspress E.A rational finite element basis1975
Wachspress E.L.A rational finite element basis1975
Wachter A.Hoeber H.Compendium of Theoretical Physics2006
Wachter A.Hoeber H.Compendium of Theoretical Physics2006
Wachter A.Hoeber H.Compendium of Theoretical Physics2006
Wachter A.Liquid Interfaces in Chemical, Biological, and Pharmaceutical Applications (Surfactant Science Series)2001
Wachtman J.Haber R.Ceramic Films and Coatings1993
Wachtman J.B.Cannon W.R.Matthewson M.J.Mechanical Properties of Ceramics2009
Wachtman J.B. (ed.)Haber R.A. (ed.)Ceramic Films And Coatings1993
Wada E.Logic Programming '85, 4 conf.1986
Wada H.Biomechanics at micro and nanoscale levels. Volume 42007
Wada K.Kaburagi M.Uchida T.Reformulation of the Path Probability Method and Its Application to Crystal Growth Models1988
Wada K.Combes F.Mapping the Galaxy and Nearby Galaxies (Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings)2008
Wada Y.Foster N.Yoshida T.Safety of Reactive Chemicals and Pyrotechnics1995
Wadati M.Nishino A.Nishino H.Symmetric and Non-Symmetric Bases of Quantum Integrable Particle Systems with Long-Range Interactions2001
Waddington A.The Creative Calligraphy Sourcebook: Choose from 50 Imaginative Projects and 28 Alphabets to...1996
Wade L.G.Organic Chemistry2005
Wade LuquetShort-term couples therapy: the Imago model in action2006
Wade N.Perception and Illusion: Historical Perspectives2004
Wade V.Ashman H.Smyth B.Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems: 4th International Conference, AH 2006, Dublin, Ireland, June 21-23, 2006, Proceedings2006
Wade W.R.Solution manual, Introduction to Analysis2004
Wadell B.Transmission Line Design Handbook (Artech House Antennas and Propagation Library)1991
Wadell B.C.Transmission Line Design Handbook2003
Wadge W.Ashcroft E.Lucid, the Dataflow Programming Language1985
Wadhawan V.K.Smart Structures: Blurring the Distinction Between the Living and the Nonliving2007
Wadia S.R.The legacy of Albert Einstein: A collection of essays in celebration of the year of physics2006
Wadia S.R. (Ed)Legacy of Albert Einstein: A Collection of Essays in Celebration of the Year of Physics2006
Wadlund A.P.R.Absolute X-Ray Wave-Length Measurements1928
Waelbroeck L.Topological Vector Spaces and Algebras1971
Waelbroeck L.Summer School On Topological Vector Spaces1973
Waelbroeck L.Holomorphic functions with limited growth0
Waelbroeck L.Summer School on Topological Vector Spaces1973
Waelder O.Mathematical Methods for Engineers and Geoscientists2008
Waerden B.Thompson V.Sherman E.Mathematical statistics1969
Waerden B.Group Theory and Quantum Mechanics (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften)1974
Waerden B.Group theory and quantum mechanics1974
Waerden B.L.Die Grundlehren der Mathematischen Wissenschaften in Einzeldarstellungen mit besonderer Berucksichtigung der Anwendungsgebiete. Band LI (51) - Einfuhrung in die algebraische Geometrie1939
Wager E.Godlie F.Jefferson T.How to Survive Peer Review2002
Wager K.A.Wickham F.Managing Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Executives2005
Wagner N.Balberg I.Anomalous Diffusion and Continuum Percolation1987
Wagner B.Effective C#: 50 specific ways to improve your C#2004
Wagner C.Lyapunov Instability for a Hard-Disk Fluid in Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Thermostated by Deterministic Scattering2000
Wagner C.Stoop R.Renormalization Approach to Optimal Limiter Control in 1-D Chaotic Systems2001
Wagner C.Traffic Flow Models Considering an Internal Degree of Freedom1998
Wagner C.A. (Ed)Sagaut P. (Ed)Large-Eddy Simulation for Acoustics2007
Wagner D.Theoretische Grundlagen der Informatik1998
Wagner D.Algorithmentechnik2006
Wagner D.Algorithms for Sensor and Ad Hoc Networks: Advanced Lectures2007
Wagner D.Trading ETFs: Gaining an Edge with Technical Analysis, Second Edition2012
Wagner D. (ed.)Advances in cryptology - CRYPTO 2008. Lecture notes in computer science 51572008
Wagner E.Express yourself: writing skills for high school2002
Wagner F.ThomasModeling Software with Finite State Machines: Practical Approach2006
Wagner G.Vivid Logic: Knowledge-Based Reasoning With Two Kinds of Negation1994
Wagner G.The Character Concept in Evolutionary Biology2001
Wagner G.The character concept in evolutionary biology2001
Wagner G.SMatheny B.L.Pattern Recognition And Candlesticks1991
Wagner H.Baake E.Gerisch T.Ising Quantum Chain and Sequence Evolution1998
Wagner H.Silber K.Instant Notes in Physiological Psychology2004
Wagner H.Information And Uncertainty In The Theory Of Monetary Policy2007
Wagner H.Brain Imaging The Chemistry Of Mental Activity2009
Wagner H.-J.The Microscopic Stress Tensor Field in Particle Systems with Many-Body Interactions1989
Wagner H.-J.Crystallinity in Two Dimensions: A Note on a Paper of C. Radin1983
Wagner H.-J.Mathur J.Introduction to Wind Energy Systems: Basics, Technology and Operation (Green Energy and Technology)2009
Wagner H.N.Brain Imaging: The Chemistry of Mental Activity2008
Wagner I.Stuedahl D.Bratteteig T.Exploring Digital Design: Multi-Disciplinary Design Practices2010
Wagner J.Multilayer Flexible Packaging: Technology and Applications for the Food, Personal Care, and Over-the-Counter Pharmaceutical Industries (Plastics Design Library)2010
Wagner K.Got Ink Tattoo - Everything About Tattoos 20082008
Wagner L.Hayot F.Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Flow Past a Cylindrical Obstacle1995
Wagner M.Unitery Transformations in Solid State Physics1986
Wagner M.M. (Ed)Moore A.W. (Ed)Aryel R.M. (Ed)Handbook of Biosurveillance2006
Wagner N. (ed.)Credit Risk: Models, Derivatives, and Management2008
Wagner P.Differenzierbare Mannigfaltigkeiten2004
Wagner P.Barkley B.Global Program Management2009
Wagner P.E.Atmospheric Aerosols and Nucleation1988
Wagner R.XSLT For Dummies2002
Wagner R.Yahoo! Sitebuilder For Dummies2005
Wagner R.Web Design Before & After Makeovers2006
Wagner R.Mansfield R.Creating Web Pages All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies2007
Wagner R.Yahoo! SiteBuilder For Dummies2005
Wagner R.Building Facebook Applications For Dummies2008
Wagner R.Lee W.-M.Trent M.iPhone and Mac Wrox e-Book Bundle: Safari WebKit for iPhone OS 3.0, iPhone SDK Objective-C, Mac OS X Snow Leopard Programming, Professional Xcode 32010
Wagner R.Professional iPhone and iPod touch Programming: Building Applications for Mobile Safari2008
Wagner R.Revell N.Pernul G.Database and Expert Systems Applications: 18th International Conference, DEXA 2007, Regensburg, Germany, September 3-7, 2007, Proceedings2007
Wagner R.Schatschneider C.Phythian-Sence C.Beyond Decoding: The Behavioral and Biological Foundations of Reading Comprehension2009
Wagner R.Building Facebook Applications For Dummies2008
Wagner R.Professional iPhone and iPod touch Programming: Building Applications for Mobile Safari (Wrox Professional Guides)2008
Wagner R.Safari and WebKit Development for iPhone OS 3.0 (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)2010
Wagner R.Küng J.Hameurlain A.Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems X: Special Issue on Database- and Expert-Systems Applications2013
Wagner R.Thoma H.Database and Expert Systems Applications: 7th International Conference, Dexa '96, Zurich, Switzerland, September 9 - 13, 1996. Proceedings: ... 7th1996
Wagner R.Creating Web Pages All-in-One For Dummies2011
Wagner R.B.Zook H.D.Synthetic organic chemistry1953
Wagner S.Bareiss R.Guidati G.Wind turbine noise1996
Wagner T.Rana O.Infrastructure for Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, and Scalable Multi-Agent Systems: International Workshop on Infrastructure for Scalable Multi-Agent ... Papers2001
Wagner T.A. (ed.)An Application Science for Multi-Agent Systems2004
Wagner W.Kretzschmar H.J.International steam tables. Properties of water and steam2008
Wagner W.Approximation of the Boltzmann Equation by Discrete Velocity Models1995
Wagner W.A Convergence Proof for Bird's Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method for the Boltzmann Equation1992
Wagner W.Professional iPhone and iPod Touch Programming Building Applications for Mobile Safari2008
Wagner W.Encyclopedia of Information Systems, Volume 3.Knowledge Acquisition2003
Wagon S.The Banach-Tarski Paradox1993
Wagon S.Mathematica® in Action: Problem Solving Through Visualization and Computation2010
Wagschal S.The Literature of Jealousy in the Age of Cervantes2007
Wagstaff A.O'Donnell O.Analyzing Health Equity Using Household Survey Data: A Guide to Techniques and their Implementation2007
Wagstaff D.J.International Poisonous Plants Checklist. An Evidence-Based Reference2008
Wagstaff S.Derakhshani D.Getting a Job in CG: Real Advice from Reel People2004
Wagter Roelvan den Berg MartinLuijpers JoostDynamic Enterprise Architecture: How to Make It Work2005
Wah B.W.Wiley Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering, 5-Volume Set2009
Wahba G.Spline Models for Observational Data1990
Wahba G.Spline models for observational data1990
Wahde M.Biologically Inspired Optimization Methods: An Introduction2008
Wahl J.Duke mathematical journal (Vol. 120, No. 1)2003
Wahl J. (Academic Editor)Algebraic aspects of increasing subsequences2001
Wahlberg E.Olofsson P.Goldstone J.Emergency Vascular Surgery: A Practical Guide2009
Wahlbin L.Dold A.Takens F.Superconvergence in Galerkin Finite Element Methods1995
Wahlbin L.B.Dold A. (Ed)Takens F. (Ed)Superconvergence in Galerkin Finite Element Methods1995
Wahlen E.A blow-up result for the periodic Camassa-Holm equation2005
Wahli U.Ejb 2.0 Development with Websphere Studio Application Developer2003
Wahli U.Fielding M.Mackown G.Servlet and JSP Programming with IBM WebSphere Studio and VisualAge for Java2000
Wahlin H.B.The Aging Effect in the Mobility of Positive Ions1925
Wahlin H.B.The Mobilities of the Positive Ions in Helium1924
Wahlin L.Atmospheric electrostatics1986
Wahlin L.The Deadbeat Universe1997
Wahlster W.SmartKom: Foundations of Multimodal Dialogue Systems2006
Wahn V.Korholz D.Kiess W.Cytokines and Colony Stimulating Factors: Methods and Protocols2003
Wahren U.Practical Introduction to Pumping Technology1997
Wahren U.Practical Introduction to Pumping Technology1997
Wahren U.Practical Introduction to Pumping Technology. A basic guide to pumps—from specification to installation and operation1997
Wai Cheung K.Bryant C.Flash Application Design Solutions: The Flash Usability Handbook2006
Waibel A.Stiefelhagen R.Computers in the human interaction loop2009
Waigh T.Applied Biophysics: A Molecular Approach for Physical Scientists2007
Waigh T.Applied Biophysics: A Molecular Approach for Physical Scientists2007
Waigh T.Applied Biophysics - Molecular Approach for Physical Scientists2007
Waigh T.Applied Biophysics - Molecular Approach for Physical Scientists2007
Waigh T.Applied Biophysics: A Molecular Approach for Physical Scientists2007
Wailoo K.Pemberton S.The Troubled Dream of Genetic Medicine: Ethnicity and Innovation in Tay-Sachs, Cystic Fibrosis, and Sickle Cell Disease2006
Wailoo K.Drawing Blood: Technology and Disease Identity in Twentieth-Century America1997
Wainer H.A Centenary Celebration for Will Burtin: A Pioneer of Scientific Visualization2009
Wainer I.Drug Stereochemistry: Analytical Methods and Pharmacology (Clinical Pharmacology)1993
Wainer I.Józwiak K.Lough W.Drug stereochemistry: analytical methods and pharmacology2012
Wainer I.Drug stereochemistry. Amalythical methods and pharamacology1993
Wainer I.W. (ed.)Drug Stereochemistry. Analytical Methods and Pharmacology1993
Waingrow K.UNIX Hints and Hacks1999
Wainner S.Richmond R.The Book of Overclocking: Tweak Your PC to Unleash Its Power2003
Wainwright J.Mulligan M.Environmental modelling. Finding simplicity in complexity2004
Wainwright P.Pro Perl2005
Wainwright P.Calpini A.Corliss A.Professional Perl Programming2001
Wainwright P.Pro Apache2004
Wainwright P.Calpini A.Corliss A.Professional Perl Programming2001
Wait R.The numerical solution of algebraic equations1979
Wait R.Numerical solution of algebraic equations1979
Waite G.Waite L.Applied Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers2007
Waite G.Nietzsche's Corps e: Aesthetics, Politics, Prophecy, or, the Spectacular Technoculture of Everyday Life (Post-Contemporary Interventions)1996
Waite J.Burch J.Moore R.Solar system plasma physics1989
Waite M.Prata S.Martin D.C Primer Plus. User Friendly Guide to the C Programming Language1987
Waite W.M.Goos G.Compiler construction1983
Waite W.M.Goos G.Compiler Construction1983
Waitley D.Witt R.The Joy of Working: The 30-Day System to Success, Wealth, and Happiness on the Job1985
Wajcman J.Feminism Confronts Technology1991
Wajnberg E.Scott J.K.Quimby P.C.Evaluating Indirect Ecological Effects of Biological Control2001
Wakabayashi S.Classical Microlocal Analysis in the Space of Hyperfunctions2000
Wakaki M.Kudo K.Shibuya T.Physical Properties and Data of Optical Materials (Optical Science and Engineering, 125)2007
Wakamiya N.Solarski M.Sterbenz J.Active Networks2004
Wake W.Extreme Programming Explored2000
Wake W.Extreme Programming Explored2001
Wake W.Extreme programming explored2000
Wake W.C.Extreme programming explored2000
Wake W.C.Refactoring Workbook2003
Wakefield B.Organomagnesium Methods in Organic Chemistry1995
Wakefield B.J.Organolithium Methods1988
Wakefield B.J.Organomagnesium Methods in Organic Synthesis (Best Synthetic Methods)1995
Wakefield C.Sonder H.-E.Lee W.M.VB.Net Developer's Guide2001
Wakefield J.Shaddick G.Health-exposure modeling and the ecological fallacy2006
Wakefield T.Mane A.Bowler D.Introduction to Mobile Communications: Technology, Services, Markets2006
Wakeford J.Flytying techniques: A full color guide1981
Wakelyn P.J.French A.D.Cotton Fiber Chemistry and Technology (International Fiber Science and Technology)2006
Wakerly J.F.Digital Design: Principles and Practices1999
Wakhloo A.K.Mericle R.A.Lieber B.B.Thrombus and Stroke2008
Wakihara M.Lithium Ion Batteries: Fundamentals and Performance1998
Wakimoto M.Infinite-Dimensional Lie Algebras2001
Wakimoto M.Lectures on Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebra2002
Wakou J.Brito R.Ernst M. H.Towards a Landau–Ginzburg-Type Theory for Granular Fluids2001
Waksman S.A.What Is Humus?1925
Waksmundzka-Hajnos M.Sherma J.Kowalska T.CHROMATOGRAPHIC SCIENCE SERIES. Thin Layer Chromatography in Phytochemistry. (№99 2008)2008
Walas M.S.Chemical Process Equipment. Selection and Design1990
Walas S.M.Chemical Process Equipment1990
Walas S.M.Chemical Reaction Engineering Handbook of Solved Problems1995
Walberg H.J.Bast J.L.Education and Capitalism: How Overcoming Our Fear of Markets and Economics Can Improve America's Schools (Hoover Institution Press Publication)2003
Walch R.Lafferty M.Tricks of the Podcasting Masters2006
Walcher W.Praktikum der Physik1994
Walco G.A. (ed.)Goldschneider K.R. (ed.)Pain in Children: A Practical Guide for Primary Care2008
Walczak B.Wavelets in Chemistry2000
Wald R.Quantum field theory in curved spacetime and black hole thermodynamics1994
Wald R. M.The thermodynamics of black holes1998
Wald R.M.General Relativity1984
Wald R.M.Quantum field theory in curved spacetime and black hole thermodynamics1994
Wald R.M.Zoupas A.General Definition of Conserved Quantities in General Relativity and Other Theories of Gravity2001
Waldau N.Schreckenberg M.Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 20052007
Waldby C.The Visible Human Project: Informatic Bodies and Posthuman Medicine2000
Walde P.Prebiotic Chemistry: From Simple Amphiphiles to Protocell Models (Topics in Current Chemistry)2005
Waldee L.M.Cooking the french way2002
Waldemar NawrockiMeasurement Systems and Senors2005
Walden D.E.How to Listen to Modern Music Without Earplugs1999
Walden J. (ed.)Grunze H. (ed.)Bipolar Disord