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Все ресурсы

АвторАвтор 2Автор 3НазваниеГод издания
R BradburyCancer (Topics in Medicinal Chemistry)2007
R G CollingwoodAn Essay on Metaphysics.2002
R HouwinkElasticity Plasticity & the Structure of Matter1953
R¨omer E.Skript Kommutative Algebra2004
R¨ondigs O.Algebraische Topologie2006
Rée J.(Editor),Urmson J.O. (Editor)The Concise Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy2004
Régin J. (ed.)Rueher M. (ed.)Integration of AI and OR Techniques in Constraint Programming for Combinatorial Optimization Problems2004
Résibois P.On linearized hydrodynamic modes in statistical physics1970
Résibois P.Approximate kinetic theory of hard-sphere fluids near equilibrium: II. A quasihydrodynamic approximation for the velocity autocorrelation function1975
Rößler A.Numerical Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations2005
Römer H.Theoretical optics. An introduction2005
Römer T.Skript Einführung in die Algebra2003
Rösler J.Harders H.Bäker M.Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, and Composites2007
Röthlein B.Schrödingers Katze Einführung in die Quantenphysik1997
Röthlein B.Das Innerste der Dinge Einführung in die Atomphysik1998
Rüde U.Technik des Wissenschaftlichen Rechnens1995
Rüde U.Mathematical and Computational Techniques for Multilevel Adaptive Methods1987
Rüschendorf L.Rachev S.T.Mass Transportation Problems, Vol. 21998
R. A. BrualdiB. L. ShaderMatrices of Sign-Solvable Linear Systems (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics, 116)1995
R. A. DeCarlo and P. LinLinear circuit analysis - solution manuel0
R. A. DeVoreG. G. LorentzConstructive Approximation (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften)1993
R. A. HigginsMaterials for Engineers and Technicians Fourth Edition2006
R. A. MatznerDictionary of Geophysics, Astrophysics, and Astronomy2001
R. A. RushNeurotrophin Protocols2001
R. AielloG. GiordanoF. TestaImpact of Zeolites and other Porous Materials on the New Technologies at the Beginning of the New Millennium2002
R. BealsV. ProtopopescuHalf-Range Completeness for the Fokker-Planck Equation1983
R. BleiAnalysis in Integer and Fractional Dimensions (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics)2001
R. C. PowellSymmetry, Group Theory, and the Physical Properties of Crystals2010
R. C. RayneNeurotransmitter Methods (Methods in Molecular Biology)1997
R. Cabrera-TrujilloJ. R. SabinAdvances in Quantum Chemistry, Volume 45: Theory of the Interaction of Swift Ions with Matter, Part 1 (Advances in Quantum Chemistry)2004
R. Cabrera-TrujilloJ. R. SabinTheory of the Interaction of Swift Ions with Matter2004
R. CarrollQuantum Theory, Deformation and Integrability (North-Holland Mathematics Studies)2000
R. CipollaA. PentlandComputer Vision for Human-Machine Interaction1998
R. Curtis BirdNuclear Structure And Gene Expression (Cell Biology - Series of Monographs)1996
R. DerThe Time-Local View of Nonequllibrium Statistical Mechanics. II. Generalized Langevin Equations1986
R. DowneyCommunications Technology Guide for Business (Artech House Telecommunications Library)1998
R. DowneyMathematical Logic in Asia2006
R. E. MoritzMemorabilia mathematica: The philomath's quotation-book ; 1140 anecdotes, aphorisms and passages by famous mathematicians, scientists & writers2010
R. E. SpierThe Encyclopedia of Cell Technology2000
R. EngelkingDimension Theory (North-Holland mathematical library)1979
R. FellowsPhilosophy and Technology (Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements)1995
R. FennLow Dimensional Topology1985
R. G. CarbonellM. D. KostinTime-dependent probability density of statistical mechanics1974
R. G. StokesOpting for Oil: The Political Economy of Technological Change in the West German Industry, 1945-19611994
R. GlaserBiophysics2001
R. GohmNoncommutative Stationary Processes (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)2004
R. H. KnappD. ter HaarA green function approach to the paramagnetic phase of a Heisenberg ferromagnet1969
R. HeroldManaging an Information Security and Privacy Awareness and Training Program2005
R. HollowayA. KyselicaS. CaravajalSharePoint 2007 and Office Development Expert Solutions (Programmer to Programmer)2007
R. I. CukierK. E. ShulerJ. D. WeeksOn the validity of stochastic rate equations in finite systems with finite-strength interactions1972
R. I. GumportF. H. DeisStudent Companion to Accompany Biochemistry, 5th Edition2002
R. J. BaxterI. G. EntingSeries expansions from corner transfer matrices: The square lattice Ising model1979
R. J. BaxterCorner transfer matrices of the eight-vertex model. I. Low-temperature expansions and conjectured properties1976
R. J. GillingsMathematics in the Time of the Pharaohs1982
R. JacobsonSports in America: Recreation, Business, Education And Controversy (Information Plus Reference Series)0
R. K. SinghJ. S. ManhasComposition Operators on Function Spaces2008
R. KletteJ. ZunicCombinatorial Image Analysis2005
R. KoteekyS. Miracle-SoleRoughening Transition for the Ising Model on a BCC Lattice. A Case in the Theory of Ground States1997
R. L. LundbladApplication of Solution Protein Chemistry to Biotechnology (Protein Science)2009
R. L. VarleyAn alternative construction of the Percus-Yevick equation based on the equilibrium BBGKY hierarchy1979
R. LandauerEntropy changes for steady-state fluctuations1973
R. LarsenM. NielsenJ. SporringMedical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention MICCAI 2006: 9th International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 1-6, 2006, Proceedings,2006
R. M. Perez-Teran MayorgaFrom Realism to 'Realicism': The Metaphysics of Charles Sanders Peirce2007
R. M.BukowskiA.C.NowikRenal Cell Carcinoma: Molecular Biology, Immunology, and Clinical Management (Current clinical Oncology)2000
R. MattisonData Warehousing and Data Mining for Telecommunications (Artech House Computer Science Library)1997
R. MeersmanZ. TariOn the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2002: CoopIS, DOA, and ODBASE: Confederated International Conferences CoopIS, DOA, and ODBASE 2002, Irvine,2002
R. MillerM. R. MillerE. P. AndersonAudel Air Conditioning Home and Commercial2004
R. MirandolaI.GortonC. HofmeisterArchitectures for Adaptive Software Systems: 5th International Conference on the Quality of Software Architectures, QoSA 2009, East Stroudsburg, PA, USA, ... Programming and Software Engineering)2009
R. N. CahnSemi-Simple Lie Algebras and Their Representations2006
R. N. SmithSolving General Chemistry Problems - Nelson Smith1980
R. PenroseW. RindlerSpinors and space-time: Two-spinor calculus and relativistic fields PGr1986
R. Po-chia Hsia (Editor)A Companion to the Reformation World2004
R. PopaBetween Necessity and Probability: Searching for the Definition and Origin of Life (Advances in Astrobiology and Biogeophysics)2004
R. PrasadF. J. VelezWiMAX Networks: Techno-Economic Vision and Challenges2010
R. S. MarianoEconometric Forecasting And High-Frequency Data Analysis (Lecture Notes Seres, Institute for Mathematical Sciences National University of Singapore)2008
R. SchuellerP. RomanowskiCosmetic Science and Technology Series, v.21. Conditioning Agents for Hair and Skin1999
R. SegerMAP Kinase Signaling Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 250)2004
R. ShankarPrinciples of Quantum Mechanics1994
R. SionR.CurtmolaS. DietrichFinancial Cryptography and Data Security: FC 2010 Workshops, WLC, RLCPS, and WECSR, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, January 25-28, 2010, Revised ... Computer Science Security and Cryptology)2010
R. Stewart TipsonDerek HortonAdvances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry, Volume 481991
R. StiefelhagenR. BowersJ. FiscusMultimodal Technologies for Perception of Humans: International Evaluation Workshops CLEAR 2007 and RT 2007, Baltimore, MD, USA, May 8-11, 2007,2008
R. StraussSurface Mount Technology1994
R. SutherlandTeresa RojanoAlan Bell, Romulo LinsPerspectives on School Algebra (Mathematics Education Library, Volume 22) (Mathematics Education Library)2000
R. T. MerrillM. W. McElhinnyP. L. McFaddenThe Magnetic Field of the Earth: Paleomagnetism, the Core, and the Deep Mantle1996
R. TogneriFundamentals of Information Theory and Coding Design2003
R. VaidyanathanJ. TrahanDynamic Reconfiguration: Architectures and Algorithms2004
R. ValenzuelaMagnetic Ceramics2005
R. WatsonM. ZinyoweraR. Moss (Eds).Technologies, Policies, and Measures for Mitigating Climate Change (IPCC Technical Paper I - November 1996)1996
R. WestA. F. HillAdvances in Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 431998
R. WilliamsLaptops Just the Steps For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer Tech))2008
R.A. PiccininiLectures on homotopy theory1992
R.A. SharmaEnvironmental Biotechnology2007
R.A.ArtinoA. Gaglione and N.l ShellContest Problem Book IV: Annual High School Examinations1982
R.D.CarmichaelIntroduction to the Theory of Groups of Finite Order2000
R.DennisConvair B-36 Peacemaker0
R.E. HesterR. M. HarrisonNanotechnology: Consequences for Human Health & the Environment (Issues in Environmental Science and Technology)2007
R.GoebelA.MaderL.LadyAbelian Group Theory1983
R.GoebelE.WalkerAbelian Group Theory1981
R.H.WalterPolysaccharide Association Structures in Food (Food Science and Technology)1998
R.Hatti-KaulAqueous Two-Phase Systems: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Biotechnology)2000
R.HeinichM. MolendaInstructional Media and Technologies for Learning2001
R.J. ContradaR.D. AshmoreSelf, Social Identity, and Physical Health: Interdisciplinary Explorations (Rutgers Series on Self and Social Identity)1999
R.J. LinRNA-Protein Interaction Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)2008
R.J.DeethCoordination Chemistry0
R.J.P. WilliamsJ. S. RowlinsonAl.ChapmanChemistry at Oxford: A History from 1600 to 20052008
R.KaoD.SarigumbaBlackBerry For Dummies2007
R.KleinConcrete and Abstract Voronoi Diagrams (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)1990
R.KopanNotch Signalling, Volume 92 (Current Topics in Developmental Biology)2010
R.l BottL. W. TuDifferential Forms in Algebraic Topology (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)1982
R.ParentComputer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)2001
R.RampalDesign and Implementation of a Wide Area Network: Technological and Managerial Issues0
R.ReeveIntroduction to Environmental Analysis2002
R.S. VermaGenes and Genomes, Part A (Advances in Genome Biology)1998
R.SalemAlgebraic numbers and Fourier analysis (Heath mathematical monographs)1963
R.SedgewickAlgorithms (Addison-Wesley Series in Computer Science)1983
R.Stephen BerryStuart A.RiceJoshua JortnerAdvances in Chemical Physics: A Special Volume of Advances in Chemical Physics2005
R.W.KADISONFundamentals of the theory of operator algebras. Special topics1992
R.Y. PinterS. TsurNext Generation Information Technologies and Systems: 4th International Workshop, NGITS'99 Zikhron-Yaakov, Israel, July 5-7, 1999 Proceedings: ... 4th1999
R?hlsberger R.Nuclear condensed matter physics with synchotron radiation Basic principles methodology and applications2004
Raab A.Comment on "A Bit-String Model for Biological Aging"1998
Raab R.Lange O.Multipole theory in electromagnetism: classical, quantum, and symmetry aspects, with applications2005
Raab R.Lange O.Multipole theory in electromagnetism2005
Raab R.Lange O.Multipole Theory In Electromagnetism: Classical, Quantum, And Symmetry Aspects, With Applications (International Series of Monographs on Physics)2005
Raab R.E.de Lange O.L.Multipole Theory in Electromagnetism: Classical, Quantum, and Symmetry Aspects, with Applications2005
Raab R.E.de Lange O.L.Multipole Theory in Electromagnetism: Classical, Quantum, And Symmetry Aspects, With Applications (International Series of Monographs on Physics)2005
Raab S.Chandra M.W.Mobile IP Technology and Applications2005
Raabe D.Computational materials science1998
Raafat El-Gewely M.Biotechnology Annual Review, Volume 12 (Biotechnology Annual Review)2006
Raafat El-Gewely M.Biotechnology Annual Review,112005
Rabaey J.Low power design essentials (integrated circuits and systems)2009
Rabaey J.Pedram M.Low power design Methodology1995
Rabbat G.Handbook of Advanced Semi-Conductor Technology and Computer Systems1988
Rabe K.Ahn C.Triscone J.Physics of Ferroelectrics: A Modern Perspective (Topics in Applied Physics)2007
Rabe K.Ahn C.Triscone J.The Physics Of Ferroelectrics. A Modern Perspective2007
Rabeler C.MCSA/MCSE/McDba Self-Paced Training Kit: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 System Administration: Exam 70-2282003
Rabeler C.MCSE Microsoft SQL Server 2000 System Administration: Training Kit : Exam 70-2282001
Rabeler C.Microsoft SQL Server 2000 DTS Step by Step2003
Rabenau H.Cinatl J.Doerr H.Prions: A Challenge for Science, Medicine and Public Health System (Contributions to Microbiology, Vol. 7)2001
Rabenau H.F.Cinatl J.Doerr H.W.Prions: A Challenge for Science, Medicine and Public Health System2001
Rabenau H.F.Cinatl J.Doerr H.W.Prions: A Challenge for Science, Medicine and Public Health System. Contributions to Microbiology, Vol. 112004
Rabhi F.Lapalme G.Algorithms - Functional Programming Approach1999
Rabia H.Well Engineering and Construction2001
Rabiger M.Directing, Fourth Edition: Film Techniques and Aesthetics2007
Rabiger M.Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics2008
Rabiger M.Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics2008
Rabiger M.Directing, : Film Techniques and Aesthetics2006
Rabiger M.Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics2008
Rabiger M.Directing, Fourth Edition: Film Techniques and Aesthetics2008
Rabin S.AI Game Programming Wisdom2002
Rabin S.AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 (AI Game Programming Wisdom (W/CD))2008
Rabin S.AI Game Programming Wisdom2002
Rabin S.AI Game Programming Wisdom (Game Development Series)2011
Rabin S.AI Game Programming Wisdom 4 (AI Game Programming Wisdom (W/CD)). Section 1. General Wisdom2008
Rabin T.Advances in Cryptology -- CRYPTO 2010: 30th Annual Cryptology Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 15-19, 2010, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science Security and Cryptology)2010
Rabin T.Advances in Cryptology -- CRYPTO 2010: 30th Annual Cryptology Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 15-19, 2010, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science Security and Cryptology)2010
Rabiner L.Juang B.H.Fundamentals of Speech Recognition1993
Rabiner L.R.Schafer R.W.Digital Processing of Speech Signals1978
Rabiner L.R.Schafer R.W.Digital Processing of Speech Signals1978
Rabiner L.R.Schafer R.W.Digital Processing of Speech Signals1978
Rabinov I.I.Note on the Diffraction of X-Rays by a Wedge-Shaped Slit1924
Rabinovich E.Definability of a field in sufficiently rich incidence systems1993
Rabinovich S.G.Evaluating measurement accuracy. A practical approach2010
Rabinow P.Making PCR: A Story of Biotechnology1996
Rabinowitz D.Testing for familial correlation in age-at-onset2002
Rabinowitz M.Blumberg F.Everson H.The Design of Instruction and Evaluation: Affordances of Using Media and Technology2004
Rabinowitz P.Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Algebraic Equations1970
Rabuñal J.Dorado J.Artificial Neural Networks in Reai-Life Applications2006
Rabuck F.Sweeney P.J.CompTIA RFID+ Study Guide (Exam RF0-101, includes CD-ROM)2006
Rabunal J.R.Dorrado J.Artificial Neural Networks in Real-life Applications2005
Rabus D.G.Integrated Ring Resonators: The Compendium2007
Rabushka A.Bernstam M.S.Fixing Russia's Banks: A Proposal For Growth1988
Racah G.Group theory and spectroscopy1951
Rachel A. BourneAgent Technology for Communication Infrastructures2001
Rachel M. Ayres D. Duncan MaraAnalysis of Wastewater for Use in Agriculture: A Laboratory Manual of Parasitological and Bacteriological Techniques1996
Rachev S.THandbook of Heavy Tailed Distributions in Finance2003
Rachev S.T.Probability Metrics and the Stability of Stochastic Models1991
Rachev S.T.Rhschendorf L.Mass Transportation Problems, Vol. 11999
Rachev S.T.Hsu J.S.J.Bagasheva B.S.Bayesian Methods in Finance2008
Rachkovskii D.A.Slipchenko S.V.A binding Procedure for Distributed Binary Data Representations2005
Rachman S.The Treatment of Obsessions (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Science and Practice Series)2003
Rachunkova I.Stanek S.Tvrdy M.Solvability of nonlinear singular problems for ordinary differential equations2008
Racine J.S.Nonparametric econometrics: a primer2008
Racine N.J.Visual Communication: Understabdibg Maps, Charts, Diagrams and Schematics2002
Rackley S.Wireless Networking Technology: From Principles to Successful Implementation2007
Rackley S.Wireless Networking Technology2007
Racz Z.Presence of Energy Flux in Quantum Spin Chains: An Experimental Signature2000
Rad P.F.Levin J.Achieving Project Management Success Using Virtual Teams2003
Rada R.Information Systems and Healthcare Enterprises2007
Radach R. (ed.)Hyona J. (ed.)Deubel H. (ed.)The Mind's Eye: Cognitive and Applied Aspects of Eye Movement Research2003
Radaideh M.A. (Ed)Al-Ameed H.Architecture of Reliable Web Applications Software2006
Radbruch A.Lipsky P.E.Current Concepts in Autoimmunity and Chronic Inflammation2006
Radbruch A. (ed.)Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting2000
Radcliffe D.E.Cabrera M.L.Modeling Phosphorus in the Environment2006
Radecka R.Zilic Z.Verification by Error Modeling: Using Testing Techniques in Hardware Verification (Frontiers in Electronic Testing)2004
Rademacher H.Toeplitz O.The enjoyment of mathematics1957
Rademacher H.Higher Mathematics from an Elementary Point of View1983
Rademacher H.Topics in analytic number theory1973
Rademacher H.Toeplitz O.The Enjoyment of Mathematics: Selections from Mathematics for the Amateur (Dover Books on Mathematical and Word Recreations)1957
Rademacher H.Topics in Analytic Number Theory (Die Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften, Band 169)1973
Rademacher H.Toeplitz O.The enjoyment of mathematics1957
Rademacher H.Toeplitz O.Zuckerman H.Enjoyment of Mathematics: Selections from Mathematics for the Amateur1957
Radetzki M.Handbook of Primary Commodities in the Global Economy2008
Radetzki M.A Handbook of Primary Commodities in the Global Economy2008
Radeva T.Physical Chemistry of Polyelectrolytes2001
Radeva T.Physical Chemistry of Polyelectrolytes (Surfactant Science Series)2001
Radford A.An introduction to English sentence structure2009
Radford A.Analysing English Sentences: A Minimalist Approach2009
Radford A.English Syntax: An Introduction2004
Radford E.M.Mathematical problem papers1914
Radig B.Florczyk S.Pattern Recognition: 23rd DAGM Symposium, Munich, Germany, September 12-14, 2001. Proceedings2001
Radin C.Correlations in Classical Ground States1986
Radin C.Classical Ground States in One Dimension1984
Radin C.Symmetries of Quasicrystals1999
Radin C.The Ground State for Soft Disks1981
Radin P.The autobiography of a winnebago indian1920
Radjavi H.Rosenthal P.Simultaneous Triangularization2000
Rado G.T.Magnetism1963
Rado T.Some Remarks on the Problem of Plateau1929
Radons G.Stoop R.Superpositions of Multifractals: Generators of Phase Transitions in the Generalized Thermodynamic Formalism1996
Radons G.A New Transition for Projections of Multifractal Measures and Random Maps1993
Radons G. (Ed)Just W. (Ed)Collective Dynamics of Nonlinear and Disordered Systems2004
Radons G. (ed.)Neugebauer R. (ed.)Nonlinear dynamics of production systems2004
Radovanovic V.Problem Book Quantum Field Theory2006
Radovanovic V.Problem Book in Quantum Field Theory2007
Radovic L.Chemistry and physics of carbon Volume 312013
Radovic L.R.Chemistry and Physics of Carbon: Volume 27: A Series of Advances2000
Radovic L.R. (ed.)Chemistry and Physics of Carbon. Volume 302008
Radt S.L.Roulleau-Berger L.Youth and Work in the Post-Industrial City of North America and Europe2003
Radu C.Implementing Electronic Card Payment Systems (Artech House Computer Security Series)2003
Radu Ch.Implementing Electronic Card Payment Systems2003
Radu Glogan-Dan Schwarz Rumanian mathematical societyRMC 2008-Rumanian mathematical competitions2008
Radu PopaBetween Necessity and Probability: Searching for the Definition and Origin of Life2004
Radu StateSven van der MeerDeclan O'SullivanLarge Scale Management of Distributed Systems: 17th IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Distributed Systems: Operations and Management, DSOM 2006,2006
Radu ZaharopolInvariant Probalbilities of Markov-Feller Operators and Their Supports2005
Radulescu V.Qualitative analysis of nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations2008
Radulescu V.Qualitative Analysis of Nonlinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations (Contemporary Mathematics and Its Applications Book Series)2008
Radulescu V.D.Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations of Elliptic Type2005
Radunovic D.Wavelets: From Math to Practice2009
Radunovic D.P.Wavelets: From Math to Practice2009
Radzevich S.CAD/