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Все ресурсы

АвторАвтор 2Автор 3НазваниеГод издания
Félix E. BrowderProblèmes non-linéaires1966
Félix J.Elements of High Energy Physics2004
Föllmer H.Schied A.Stochastic finance2002
Förster K.-H.Operator Theory in Krein Spaces and Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems2006
Førsund F.R.Hydropower Economics2007
F. Acar Savaci (Editor)Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks: 14th Turkish Symposium, TAINN 2005, Izmir, Turkey, June 16-17, 2005, Revised Selected Papers2006
F. BaccelliKarpelevich F. I.Kelbert M.A Mean-Field Limit for a Class of Queueing Networks1991
F. BorgonoviBroken Ergodicity in Classically Chaotic Spin Systems2003
F. CastellaFrom the Von-Neumann Equation to the Quantum Boltzmann Equation in a Deterministic Framework2000
F. DelyonRecurrence of the Eigenstates of a SchrOdinger Operator with Automatic Potential1990
F. FreireDenjoe O'ConnorDimensional Crossover and Finite-Size Scaling below T_c1992
F. G. A. WestRobert StoneAdvances in Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 111973
F. HalzenHigh-Energy Neutrino Astronomy2002
F. MartinelliE. ScoppolaRandom Composition of Two Rational Maps: Singularity of the Invariant Measure1987
F. RavatCollaborative Decision Making: Perspectives and Challenges (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications)2008
F. T. HioeC. DombGroup theory, Markov chains, and excluded volume effect in polymers1974
F. T. LeeE. W. MontrollLee-po YuTwo-component ising chain with nearest-neighbor interaction1973
F. Thomas BrussLucien L. CamGame theory, optimal stopping, probability and statistics: Paper in honor of T.S. Ferguson2000
F. William LawvereStephen Hoel SchanuelConceptual mathematics1997
F.BoschkeStereochemistry 1: In Memory of Van't Hoff1974
F.GiannessiF.GiannessiConstrained Optimization and Image Space Analysis2005
F.Jerry LuciaCarbonate Reservoir Characterization: An Integrated Approach2007
F.R.S.Calculus Made Easy1914
Fabe M.Closely Watched Films: An Introduction to the Art of Narrative Film Technique2004
Fabec R.Fundamentals of infinite dimensional representation theory2000
Faber K.Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry2000
Faber K.Advances In Biochemical Engineering Biotechnology. Biotransformation1998
Faber M.T.Chramiec J.Adamski M.E.Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Diode Frequency Multipliers1995
Faber T.Fluid dynamics for physicists1995
Faber T.E.Fluid Dynamics for Physicists1995
Fabera J.Equadiff IV1979
Fabera J. (ed.)Equadiff IV1979
Fabes E.Jodeit M.Riviera N.Potential techniques for boundary value problems on C1-domains0
Fabes E.B.Dirichlet Forms: Lectures Given at the 1st Session of the Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo2008
Fabian M.Troyanski S.A Banach space admits a locally uniformly rotund norm if its dual is a Vasak space1990
Fabian M.Habala P.Hajek P.Banach Space Theory: The Basis for Linear and Nonlinear Analysis2010
Fabian M.J.Hajek P.Pelant J.Functional Analysis and Infinite-Dimensional Geometry2001
Fabio RoliSergio VitulanoImage Analysis and Processing ICIAP 2005: 13th International Conference, Cagliari, Italy, September 6-8, 2005, Proceedings2005
Fabozzi F.Focardi S.Kolm P.Quantitative Equity Investing: Techniques and Strategies (The Frank J. Fabozzi Series)2010
Fabozzi F. J.Bhattacharya A. K.Berliner W. S.Mortgage-Backed Securities: Products, Structuring, and Analytical Techniques2007
Fabozzi F.J.Rachev S.T.Focardi S.M.Financial Econometrics: From Basics to Advanced Modeling Techniques2007
Fabozzi F.J.Bond Markets, Analysis and Strategies2000
Fabozzi F.J. CFAPeterson P.P.Financial Management and Analysis (Frank J. Fabozzi Series)2003
Fabricius K.McCoy B.M.Bethe’s Equation Is Incomplete for the XXZ Model at Roots of Unity2001
Fabricius K.McCoy B.M.New Developments in the Eight Vertex Model II: Chains of Odd Length2005
Fabrikant V.Mixed Boundary Value Problems of Potential Theory and Their Applications in Engineering1991
Fabrikant V.I.Mixed Boundary Value Problems of Potential Theory and Their Applications in Engineering1991
Fabrizio M.Morro A.Mathematical problems in linear viscoelasticity1992
Fabrizio M.Morro A.Mathematical Problems in Linear Viscoelasticity1992
Fabrizio SebastianiAdvances in Information Retrieval: 25th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2003, Pisa, Italy, April 14-16, 2003, Proceedings2003
Fabry E.Sur les points singuliers dune fonction donne par son developpement en serie et l'impossible du prolongement analytique dans des cas tres generaux1896
Facchinei F.Finite-Dimensional Variational Inequalities and Complementarity Problems I2003
Facchinetti R.Corpus Linguistics 25 Years on. (Language and Computers 62) (Language & Computers: Studies in Practical Linguistics)2007
Facchinetti R.Corpus linguistics 25 years on2007
Facchini A. (Ed)Ringel C.M. (Ed)Algebras, Rings and Their Representations: Proceedings of the International Conference Lisbon2006
Facer G.Make the Grade: AS and A2 Chemistry: Chemistry Revision Guide: Edexcel AS A2 Modular (Nelson Advanced Science)2003
Fackler J.P. (Ed)Inorganic Syntheses, Vol. 211982
Factor D.Coller J.Khalil A.Molecular Biology of Long Non-coding RNAs2013
Factor J.Biology of the Lobster: Homarus americanus1995
Factor J.Biology of the lobster Homarus americanus1995
Facts on FileCareers Skills Library: Research and Information Management2004
Facts on FileCareers Skills Library: Learning the Ropes2004
Facts on FileCareers Skills Library: Organization Skills2004
Facts on FileCareers Skills Library: Leadership Skills2004
Facts on FileCareers Skills Library: Problem Solving2004
Faddeev D.K.Problems in higher algebra1965
Faddeev L.Mathematical Aspects of the Three-Body Problem in the Quantum Scattering Theory(LL)1965
Faddeev L.Mathematical Aspects of the Three-Body Problem in the Quantum Scattering Theory(LL)1965
Faddeev L.Slavnov A.Gauge fields: Introduction to quantum theory1980
Faddeev L.D.Korepin V.E.Quantum theory of solitons1987
Faddeev L.D.Malcev A.A. (eds.)Topology1984
Faddeev L.D.Mathematical Aspects of the Three-Body Problem in the Quantum Scattering Theory1965
Faddeev L.D.The inverse problem in the quantum theory of scattering1960
Faddeev L.D.Takhtajan L.Reyman A.G.Hamiltonian methods in the theory of solitons2007
Faddeev L.D.Van Moerbeke P.Lambert F.Bilinear Integrable Systems: from Classical to Quantum, Continuous to Discrete2006
Faddieev D.Sominski I.Problemas de Algebra Superior1971
Fadell E.Fournier G. (eds.)Fixed Point Theory1981
Fadem B.Behavioral science1999
Fadiman C.The Mathematical Magpie1962
Fadiman C.The Mathematical Magpie1997
Fadiman C.Fantasia Mathematica1997
Faerber E.All About Stocks2000
Faerber E.All About Bonds and Bond Mutual Funds: The Easy Way to Get Started2000
Faerber E.E.The Personal Finance Calculator: How to Calculate the Most Important Financial Decisions in Your Life2003
Faerber E.E.All about Investing: The Easy Way to Get Started2006
Faessler A.Kosmas T.S.Leontaris G.K.Symmetries in intermediate and high energy physics2000
Faessler A.Kosmas T.Leontaris G.Symmetries in intermediate and high energy physics2000
Faetti S.Fronzoni L.The Projection Operator Approach to the Fokker-Planck Equation. II. Dichotomic and Nonlinear Gaussian Noise1988
Fafrak S.Lola J.O'Brien d.TruCluster Server Handbook2003
Fagen R.Halpern J.Y.Moses Y.Reasoning About Knowledge2003
Fages F.Rossi F.Soliman S.Recent Advances in Constraints: 12th Annual ERCIM International Workshop on Constraint Solving and Contraint Logic Programming, CSCLP 2007 Rocquencourt,2008
Fages F.Soliman S.Principles and Practice of Semantic Web Reasoning: Third International Workshop, PPSWR 2005, Dagstuhl Castle, Germany, September 11-16, 2005,2005
Faggioni R.Feingold K.R.Grunfeld C.Leptin2001
Faguet G.Hematologic Malignancies: Methods & Techniques (Methods in Molecular Medicine)2001
Faguet G.Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Molecular Genetics, Biology, Diagnosis, and Management2004
Faguet G.B. (ed.)Hematologic Malignancies, Methods and Techniques2000
Fahim A.Clock Generators for SOC Processors: Circuits and Architectures2005
Fahringer T.Scholz B.Advanced symbolic analysis for compilers: new techniques and algorithms for symbolic program analysis and optimization2003
Fahrner W.Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics: Materials, Devices, Measurement Techniques2005
Fahrner W.Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics: Materials, Devices, Measurement Techniques2005
Fahrner W.Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics: Materials, Devices, Measurement Techniques2005
Fahrner W.R. (Ed)Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics: Materials, Devices, Measurment Techniques2004
Fahy F.Foundations of Engineering Acoustics2001
Fahy M.Weiner A.Roche J.Beyond Governance: Creating Corporate Value through Performance, Conformance and Responsibility2004
Fahy M.Moving up the Mobile Commerce Value Chain: 3G Licenses, Customer Value and New Technology2004
Fain B.Irreversibilities in quantum mechanics2002
Fain B.Irreversibilities in Quantum Mechanics2000
Fain B.Irreversibilities in Quantum Mechanics (Fundamental Theories of Physics 113)2002
Fain Y.Rasputnis V.Tartakovsky A.Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex and Java: Secrets of the Masters2006
Fainerman V.B.Mobius D.Miller R.Surfactants: Chemistry, Interfacial Properties, Applications2001
Fair H.D.Walker R.F.Technology of the Inorganic Azides, Vol. 21977
Fair J.Kister H.Encyclopedia Of Physical Science And Technology Chemical Engineering2001
Fair S.Wellness and Physical Therapy (Jones and Barlett's Contemporary Issues in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine)2011
Fair T.Nordfelt M.Ring S.Cyber Spying: Tracking Your Family's (Sometimes) Secret Online Lives2005
Fair T.Nordfelt M.Ring S.Cyber Spying: Tracking Your Family's (Sometimes) Secret Online Lives2005
Fairbairn D.Blanckenhorn W.Szekely T.Sex, Size and Gender Roles: Evolutionary Studies of Sexual Size Dimorphism2007
Fairbairn D.J.Blanckenhorn W.U.Szekely T.Sex, Size and Gender Roles: Evolutionary Studies of Sexual Size Dimorphism2007
Fairbank J.K.The Cambridge History of China. Volume 102008
Fairbank J.K.The Cambridge History of China. Volume 112008
Fairbank J.K.The Cambridge History of China. Volume 122008
Fairbank J.K.The Cambridge History of China. Volume 132008
Fairbank J.K.MacFarquhar R. (ed.)The Cambridge History of China. Volume 152008
Fairchild D.Fairchild M.Book of Monsters1914
Fairchild M.Color appearance models2005
Fairchild P.Immunological Tolerance: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology)2007
Fairchild P.J.Immunological Tolerance Methods and Protocols2004
Fairchild P.J.Immunological Tolerance: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology Volume 380)2007
Fairholm G.W.Mastering Inner Leadership2001
Fairlamb I.Lynam J.Wright D.Organometallic Chemistry2008
Fairlamb I.Lynam J.Organometallic Chemistry. Volume 352009
Fairlamb I.Lynam J.Organometallic Chemistry Volume 382012
Fairlamb Ian J SLynam J MDominic S WrightOrganometallic Chemistry2008
Fairman R.Ushkov B.Semiconducting Chalcogenide Glass II, Volume 79: Properties of Chalcogenide Glasses (Semiconductors and Semimetals)2004
Fairman R.Ushkov B.Semiconducting Chalcogenide. Glass I. Volume 782004
Faisal F.Theory of Multiphoton Processes1987
Faisal F.Theory of multiphoton processes1987
Faison T.Event-Based Programming2006
Faison T.Event-Based Programming: Taking Events to the Limit2006
Faison T.Event-Based Programming: Taking Events to the Limit2006
Faith C.Lectures on Injective Modules and Quotient Rings1967
Faith C.Wiegand S. (eds.)Module Theory1979
Faith C.Rings and Things and a Fine Array of Twentieth Century Associative Algebra1999
Faith C.Algebra:Rings,Modules and Categories 12004
Faith C.Algebra II. Ring Theory: Ring Theory1976
Faith C.Algebra. Ring theory1976
Faith C.Algebra II: Ring Theory (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften 191)1976
Faith C.Lectures on Injective Modules and Quotient Rings1967
Faith C. (ed.)Wiegand S. (ed.)Lecture Notes in Mathematics (700). Module Theory1979
Faithe WempenTeach Yourself Visually Microsoft Office Access 20072007
Faithfull N.T.Methods in Agricultural Chemical Analysis2002
Faiz A.Weaver C.S.Walsh M.P.Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles1996
Faiz O.Moffat D.Anatomy at a glance2002
Fajans P.Scaling Up Health Service Delivery: From Pilot Innovations to Policies and Programmes2007
Fajardo J.Dustin E.Testing SAP R/3: A Manager's Step-by-Step Guide2007
Fajgelj A. (ed.)Ambrus A.Principles and Practices of Method Validation2000
Fakirov S. (ed.)Handbook of thermoplastic polyesters: homopolymers, copolymers, blends, and composites2005
Falciani F.Microarray Technology Through Applications2007
Falcidieno B.Spagnuolo M.Avrithis Y.Semantic Multimedia: Second International Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies, SAMT 2007, Genoa, Italy, December 5-7, 2007,2007
Falcitelli M.Ianus S.Pastore A.M.Riemannian Submersions and Related Topics2004
Falck O.Emergence and Survival of New Businesses: Econometric Analyses2007
Falcke H.Hehl F .The Galactic Black Hole: Studies in High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation2002
Falcke H.Hehl F.The Galactic Black Hole: Studies in High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation2003
Falcke H.Hehl F.The Galactic Black Hole2003
Falcke H.Hehl F.W.The Galactic Black Hole: Lectures on General Relativity and Astrophysics (Series in High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation)2002
Falcke H.Hehl F.The Galactic Black Hole Lectures on General Relativity and Astrophysics2003
Falcke H. (ed.)Hehl F.W. (ed.)The galactic black hole: lectures on general relativity and astrophysics2002
Falcon A.Aristotle and the Science of Nature: Unity without Uniformity2005
Falcone P.Hiring and Firing Question and Answer Book2001
Falcone R.Barber S.Sabater-Mir J.Trusting Agents for Trusting Electronic Societies: Theory and Applications in HCI and E-Commerce2005
Falconer K.Fractal Geometry. Mathematical Foundations and applications1990
Falconer K.Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications2003
Falconer K.Fractal geometry: mathematical foundations and applications2003
Falconer K.Fractal Geometry. Mathematical Foundations and Applications1990
Falconer K.Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications - Second Edition2003
Falconer K.The geometry of fractal sets1985
Falconer K.Fractal Geometry: Mathematical Foundations and Applications - Second Edition2003
Falconer K.J.Techniques in Fractal Geometry1997
Falconer K.J.Wavelet Transforms and Order-Two Densities of Fractals1992
Falconer K.L.The Hausdorff Dimension of Some Fractais and Attractors of Overlapping Construction1987
Fales E.Fales - Causation and Universals1990
Faletra F.Pandian N.Ho S.Anatomy of the Heart by Multislice Computed Tomography2008
Falgarone E.Passot T.Turbulence and Magnetic Fields in Astrophysics2003
Falgarone E.Passot T.Turbulence and Magnetic Fields in Astrophysics2003
Falgarone E. (ed.)Passot T. (ed.)Turbulence and magnetic fields in astrophysics2003
Faliva M.Zoia M.G.Dynamic model analysis. Advanced matrix methods and unit-root econometrics representation theorems2009
Faliva M.Zoia M.Topics in Dynamic Model Analysis: Advanced Matrix Methods and Unit-Root Econometrics Representation Theorems2005
Faliva M.Zoia M.Topics in Dynamic Model Analysis Advanced Matrix Methods and Unit Root Econometrics Representation Theorems2005
Falk K.G.An Experimental Study of Lipolytic Actions1914
Falk R.Genetic Analysis: A History of Genetic Thinking2009
Falkenburg B.Particle metaphysics. A critical account of subatomic reality2007
Falkner J.Jones K.Servlets and JavaServer pages™: the J2EE™ technology Web tier2003
Falkner J.Jones K.R.Servlets and JSP: The J2EE Web Tier2003
Falkow SRosenberg E.Schleifer K.The Prokaryotes: An Evolving Electronic Resource for the Microbiological Community2006
Falkow S.Rosenberg E.Schleifer K.-H.The Prokaryotes. A Handbook on the Biology of Bacteria. Volume 1: Symbiotic Associations, Biotechnology, Applied Microbiology2006
Falkow S.Rosenberg E.Schleifer K.The Prokaryotes: An Evolving Electronic Resource for the Microbiological Community2006
Fall C.Marland E.Wagner J.Computational Cell Biology2002
Fall C.Marland E.Wagner J.Computational Cell Biology2002
Fall C.Marland E.Wagner J.Computational Cell Biology2002
Fall C.P.Wagner J.M.Tyson J.J. (eds.)Computational cell biology2002
Fallat S.Johnson C.Totally nonnegative matrices2011
Faller A.Schünke M.Schünke G.The Human Body: An Introduction to Structure and Function2004
Faller A.Schuenke M.The Human Body. An Introduction to Structure and Function2004
Faller R. (ed.)Thomas Jue T. (ed.)Risbud S.H. (ed.)Biomembrane frontiers: nanostructures, models, and the design of life. Volume 22009
Faller R.V.Assessment of Oral Health Diagnostic Techniques and Validation Criteria2000
Fallon A.Booth R.F.G.Bell L.D.Aplications of HPLC in biochemistry1987
Falmagne J.Elements of psychophysical theory1985
Falmagne J.C.Doignon J.P.Learning spaces: Interdisciplinary applied mathematics2011
Falsafi B.Vijaykumar T.N.Power-Aware Computer Systems: 4th International Workshop, PACS 2004, Portland, OR, USA, December 5, 2004, Revised Selected Papers2005
Falsafi B.Lauria M.Network-Based Parallel Computing - Communication, Architecture, and Applications: 4th International Workshop, CANPC 2000 Toulouse, France, January 8, ...2000
Falsafi B.Vijaykumar T.Power-Aware Computer Systems: Third International Workshop, PACS 2003, San Diego, CA, USA, December 1, 2003, Revised Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)2005
Falsafi B.Vijaykumar T.N.Power-Aware Computer Systems: First International Workshop2001
Falsafi B.Vijaykumar T.Power-Aware Computer Systems: Second International Workshop, PACS 2002 Cambridge, MA, USA, February 2, 2002, Revised Papers2003
Faltings B.Petcu A.Rossi F.Recent Advances in Constraints: Joint ERCIM/CoLogNET International Workshop on Constraint Solving and Constraint Logic Programming, CSCLP 2004, Lausanne,2005
Faltings G.Wuestholz G.Rational points: Seminar Bonn/Wuppertal 1983/84 (Aspects of mathematics)1992
Faltings G.Chai C.Degeneration of Abelian Varieties1990
Faltings G.The Proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem by R Taylor and A Wiles1995
Faltings G.Vector bundles on curves1995
Faltings G.Chai C.Degeneration of abelian varieties1990
Faltings G.Wuestholz G.Rational poin1992
Faltinsen O.M.Hydrodynamics of High-Speed Marine Vehicles2005
FAltonEverestMaster Handbook Of Acoustics2001
Falvo D.Medical and psychosocial aspects of chronic illness and disability2005
Fam A.G.Lawry G.V.Kreder H.J.Musculoskeletal Examination and Joint Injections Techniques2005
Fama E.F.French K.R.Multifactor explanations of asset pricing anomalies1996
Famili A.Kok J.Pena J.Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis VI: 6th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis, IDA 2005, Madrid, Spain, September 8-10, 2005, Proceedings2005
Family F.Daoud M. (Editor)Herrmann H.J. (Editor)Scaling and disordered systems: international workshop and collection of articles honoring Professor Antonio Coniglio on the occasion of his 60th birthday2002
Family F.Amar J.G.Diffusion-Annihilation and the Kinetics of the Ising Model in One Dimension1991
Family F.Book Review: Renormalization Group Theory of Macromolecules1988
Fan A.H.Simon K.Toth H.R.Contracting on Average Random IFS with Repelling Fixed Point2006
Fan C.Thampi S.Atrey P.Security in Computing and Communications: International Symposium, SSCC 2013, Mysore, India, August 22-24, 2013. Proceedings2013
Fan Chung K. (ed.)Adcock I. (ed.)Asthma: Mechanisms and Protocols2000
Fan D.Li X.A bilinear oscillatory integral along parabolas2008
Fan J.Black Art of Java Game Programming1996
Fan J.Koul H.Frontiers in Statistics2006
Fan J.Yu W.Hunter L.Clothing appearance and fit: Science and technology2004
Fan J.Ries E.Tenitchi C.Black Art of Java Game Programming1996
Fan J. (ed.)Koul H.L. (ed.)Frontiers in Statistics2006
Fan M.Huang C.Bland A.Environanotechnology2010
Fan R.Linkage and association studies of QTL for nuclear families by mixed models2003
Fan Sh.Han W.0,1 distribution in the highest level sequences of primitive sequences over Z 2e2003
Fan T.-H.A Bayesian analysis for the seismic data on Taiwan2004
Fan W.Wu Z.Yang J.Advances in Web-Age Information Management: 6th International Conference, WAIM 2005, Hangzhou, China, October 11-13, 2005, Proceedings2005
Fan X.Advanced Photonic Structures for Biological and Chemical Detection2009
Fan X.J. (ed.)Suhir E. (ed.)Moisture Sensitivity of Plastic Packages of IC Devices2010
Fan Y.Percus Y.Random Sequential Adsorption on a Ladder1992
Fan Y.Molecular Cytogenetics: Protocols and Applications2002
Fan Y.Molecular Cytogenetics: Protocols and Applications2002
Fan Y.-S.Molecular Cytogenetics. Protocols and Applications2002
Fanaroff A.A.Martin R.J.Walsh M.C.Neonatal-perinatal Medicine: Diseases of the Fetus and Infant. Volume 12005
Fanchi J.Energy Technology and Directions for the Future2004
Fanchi J.Math Refresher for Scientists and Engineers2006
Fanchi J.Math Refresher For Scientists And Engineers2006
Fanchi J.Math refresher for scientists and engineers2006
Fanchi J.R.Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation2001
Fanchi J.R.Energy in the 21st Century2005
Fanchi J.R.Math Refresher for Scientists and Engineers2006
Fanchi J.R.Energy In The 21st Century2005
Fanciulli M.Scarel G. (Editor)Rare earth oxide thin films: growth, characterization, and applications2007
Fanciulli M.Scarel G.Rare Earth Oxide Thin Films2007
Fanciulli M.Electron Spin Resonance and Related Phenomena in Low-Dimensional Structures2009
Fanelli L.Montefusco E.On the blow-up threshold for weakly coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations0
Fang J.C.Couper G.S.Surgical Management of Congestive Heart Failure2002
Fang K.Li R.Sudjianto A.Design and Modeling for Computer Experiments (Chapman & Hall CRC Computer Science & Data Analysis)2005
Fang K.-T.Design and modeling for computer experiments2005
Fang W.Khan M.Arnett K.Security Technology, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity2010
Fang Y.Lai K.Wang S.Fuzzy Portfolio Optimization: Theory and Methods (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)2008
Fang Y.Lai K.Wang S.Fuzzy Portfolio Optimization: Theory and Methods2008
Fangzhen LinJu WangKnowledge Science, Engineering and Management: First International Conference, KSEM 2006, Guilin, China, August 5-8, 2006, Proceedings2006
Fannes M.Kossakowski A.Verbeure A.Critical Fluctuations for Quantum Mean-Field Models1991
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Fannjiang A.Komorowski T.Fractional Brownian Motions and Enhanced Diffusion in a Unidirectional Wave-Like Turbulence2000
Fannjiang A.Wołowski L.Noise Induced Dissipation in Lebesgue-Measure Preserving Maps on d-Dimensional Torus2003
Fannjiang A.C.Convergence of Passive Scalar Fields in Ornstein–Uhlenbeck Flows to Kraichnan’s Model2004
Fannjiang A.C.White-Noise and Geometrical Optics Limits of Wigner–Moyal Equation for Beam Waves in Turbulent Media II: Two-Frequency Formulation2005
Fano U.Rau A.Symmetries in Quantum Physics1996
Fano U.Rau A.Symmetries in Quantum Physics1996
Fano U.Rau A.Symmetries in quantum physics1996
Fanstill P.Reisman B.Ruebush M.MCAD/MCSD: Visual Basic .NET XML Web Services and Server Components Study Guide2003
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Fant G.Speech Acoustics and Phonetics: Selected Writings (Text, Speech and Language Technology)2005
Fant G.Speech acoustics and phonetics2004
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Farach-Colton M.Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Acm-Siam Symposium on Discrete Algorithms2003
Faraci G.Nanocluster Characterization by EXAFS Spectroscopy2004
Faraday M.Lectures on the Forces of Matter0
Farag H.Collaborative Value Creation: An Empirical Analysis of the European Biotechnology Industry2009
Farago I.Dimov I.Vulkov L.Numerical Analysis and Its Applications: 5th International Conference, NAA 2012, Lozenetz, Bulgaria, June 15-20, 2012, Revised Selected Papers2013
Farago J.Energy Profile Fluctuations in Dissipative Nonequilibrium Stationary States2005
Farago J.Injected Power Fluctuations in Langevin Equation2002
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Farago M.E. (ed.)Plants and the chemical elements: biochemistry, uptake, tolerance and toxicity1994
Farah I.Analytic Quotients: Theory of Liftings for Quotients over Analytic Ideals on the Integers (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society)2000
Farahani R.Z.Hekmatfar M.Facility location concepts, models, algorithms and case studies2009
Farahani S.ZigBee Wireless Networks and Transceivers2008
Farahmand B.Virtual testing and predictive modeling: for fatigue and fracture mechanics allowables2009
Faraoni V.Exercises in Environmental Physics2006
Faraoni V.Special Relativity2013
Farassat F.Introductions to generalized functions with applications in aerodynamics and aeroacoustics1994
Farassat F.Introduction to generalized functions with applications in aeroacoustics1994
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